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because i can't make my own decisions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vividlydefined, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. it's 8pm. don't have to be anywhere tomorrow until 5:30pm. i've got the itch to smoke, but i've 1) never smoked alone before and 2) never smoked in my house before.

    i'm home for the summer & i know for a fact my mom smokes.. so honestly, would she care? probably not. however, i still wanna hide it from her.

    here are the options as i see 'em:

    1) smoke tonight? i have the materials for a sploof but all we have are the "odor-free" dryer sheets so that's fucking useless. i have febreeze though.
    2) smoke tomorrow morning. problem is i have to leave the house at 5:30pm, so i don't wanna be driving around half-stoned.
    3) smoke tuesday. i'm free all day.

    2 and 3 my mom would be at work. butttt i really wanna smoke. option 4: all of the above? haha
  2. Do what I do.

    1. wait til shes asleep
    2.close door and put a towel against the bottom for safe measure
    3. open window with fan on
    4. smoke and blow out close to window
    5. High

    All done.
  3. should smoke

  4. this^

  5. i guess i can wait a lil bit. my neighbors on both sides are cops so kinda wary about blowing smoke outside in case they smell it haha. i'll just febreeze the shit outta my room
  6. Option 2. If you did it in the morning (assuming morning is before 12pm where you are) then you would be fine for things at 5:30. With your mom not home, you wouldn't have to worry about that. And bake n wakes are pretty intense.
  7. Smoking alone is extremely enjoyable to me, give it a shot. Don't get too fucked if your mom's around, and you're afraid of bugging, just go for a drive, walk the dog, say you need some air, wrestle a bear, etc., anything to get out and smoke, don't bother doing it inside, it will smell no matter the precautions. Might only be a little, but it will still smell.
  8. Well, I would assume the cops would be in their house with the windows closed...

    I mean, the air goes so many places, they're not gonna smell squat I am very sure of that.
  9. yea man cops wont smell it, i have a detective as my neighbor (apartments) and i smoke in my room all day, its all good
  10. Yeah dude just rip it up outside, go for a walk or somethn

  11. Your not going to be"half-stoned"or anywhere near stoned 10 hours after smoking. You might be tired,but thats not the same thing as being stoned. Not sure what you've smoked before but if you've been high for 10hours after one sesh then im not sure your just smoking bud :rolleyes:
  12. go outside and smoke by yourself. not a big deal, i've done it well over 9,000 times.

  13. haha yeah i realize i'll be fine. i'm just paranoid. i've got a class at 6pm but i'll just chugalug a monster and rock it out. wake and bake tomorrow is the decision. never had a better reason to get up!:smoking:
  14. That can't be right.
  15. meh, maybe not that much. Probably about 5,000 times would be accurate haha. just had to slip that one in though.
  16. What's up with stoners living by cops? :p
    I have a K9 unit two houses down from me.
  17. I love the second letter of the alphabet.

  18. i wasn't actually clear enough on my neighborhood cop situation. my next door on one side has 2 cops, the other side has 1 cop. directly across the street i've got a k9 unit and down the road are 2 more cops. like what the hell, man haha.

  19. lmfao, that sucks man, the detective here doesnt really bother anyone
  20. My neighbors a cop and I sit in the middle of backyard with with my bong and a magnifying glass hes never said or done anything :smoking:

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