Became FwB with Ex. Now It's Confusing

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  1. Dated for a year, she ended the relationship 8 weeks ago. Barely spoke for the first 4 weeks. She would text me or call like 3 or 4 times a week to "see how I was doing."

    About 4 weeks ago we hung out. Ended up having sex. That continued for about 2 weeks, give or take.

    The last two weeks though, everything has basically transformed into a relationship, but without the title of one.

    I go to her house after work, she makes me dinner, we hang out all night, have sex, I sleep over. We go out to eat, we go to movies, go to the beach, etc. etc.

    She says that she "doesn't want to be in a relationship" though. She said she has really strong feelings for me still, but she's going into her senior year of college and she doesn't want to be "tied down."

    Even though I am happy now, I think this is pretty unfair.

    Should I just keep going with the flow a little longer, or should I give her an ultimatum that we are either in a relationship or I'm gone?
  2. All depends on what you want dude.
  3. You could go with the flow but what shes basically saying is "I'm use to you and comfortable with you and I haven't found a guy yet to replace you so im gonna stick with you for now because im bored."

    Or she did find a guy but it turned out not to be what she wanted? That usually happens.

    I'd say keep having fun and enjoying her time but dont keep your doors closed i guess. Keep searching cause theres a ton of boobalicious babes out there

  4. Yeah, that's right. I forgot guys aren't suppose to have any feelings or emotions....
  5. you tryin to marry this bitch have kids and spend the rest of your life with her??? if your not then what are you hanging on for? the relationship has ran its course. just nail her on occasion when you need to while moving on with your life. I personally would cut off the sex too whats the point, besides after a year you should have done every dirty thing you can think of to her. move on bro,

  6. Wipe the tears from your vagina
  7. If she makes you dinner and you get to bang her what is so wrong with the situation. Think about it, you are not her boyfriend meaning you can go out and fuck other chicks, while continuing to bang her. Seems like a win-win to me.
  8. Sounds like she basically wants to have her cake and eat it too.

    Communicate how you feel to her, simple as that.

    Bitches ain't nothing but hoes and tricks, stay far the fuck away from that man.

  9. That's how I feel. She wants the benefits of a relationship without the commitment of one.

    At the same time, though, I feel like she's not completely stringing me along.

    For instance, this weekend, she wanted to rent a cabin up by a lake for the two of us.

    Cash is tight for me, so she's dropping almost an entire grand for us to go away together.
  10. So, she makes you food and takes you on vacations. Dude why are you complaining? You got a pretty sweet deal.

  11. Dude.

    You need to fucking talk to her, or stay far the fuck away from that shit. She's just trying to keep you committed without having to keep herself committed. Example:

    She drops all this money and attention on you so you feel like you owe her an "unofficial commitment" (e.g. playing your feelings.) But she's the one giving you all these nice things/attention so in that sense she can continue feeling like she owes you nothing, so when someone "bigger and better" comes along she can just go run off with him all the while claiming "I made it CLEAR we were not dating, I was JUST trying to be friendly and a good friend!"

    Like I said. Bitch playing mind games. Call her the fuck out.

  12. Well, that's what I was trying to decide, if I should call her out or not.

    So I think I'm going to now.

    But not until the end of our weekend getaway.

  13. I agree. We all look for a chick who makes us food, takes us on vacations, and bangs us WITHOUT wanting a relationship and OP gonna throw that away. Whatever OP just know that it an unwise choice.

  14. Oh look. You're right again!

    Truth is, every time you post in this thread all I think about is how much I want to suck your dick.

    Obviously you want it too since you use your hyper-masculine attitude to hide the fact you're a fucking phaggot.
  15. OP wants a relationship that's not full of bullshit.

    Anyone against that probably looks like this:

  16. Whats so bad about what the OP wants?
    I personally could never just use a chick... Call it whatever you want, but I'm going to call it morals.
  17. My god! Do you sit when you pee? You have a fucking sweet deal going right now. You get food, sex, and vacation all without ANY commitment. Change your damn tampon and realize that you're living the dream.

    Sure she might be trying to play you. But there's nothing that says you can't play that bitch back.

  18. hahaha so true. OP doesn't deserve to be in the situation he is in. Clearly he isn't appreciative when he is in a good position. I hope his chick find another dude.
  19. I hope she finds ME.
  20. I feel like this thread is the equivalent of me bitching that I won the lottery but it was only 50 million, and I want 100. Poor me.

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