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    so im starting a journey, growth log, all of this.

    its my first plant of ANYTHING and im growning the best plants ever!

    SO! to start off, i have created a blueprint of my growroom (its a nicely sized cupboard that looks amazing.)

    <pics below>

    typically, i notice journals starting where the growth starts... well, im taking you in the process of getting my grow ROOM set up, building the equipment, preparing seedlings, growth, product... the whole nine yards

    well... i completely goofed last night, realizing that i shipped seeds to my address... anyone else done that before and had authority figures busting in the door? curious, of course...

    SO. i have ordered a.... 400w system, and am goign to create a DWC system (unless i can form it into an aeroponics...?)

    i have a very limited budget, and only have about $15 left.
    i always come up with money to get through, however... maybe my B+ mushrooms can inspire a nice boost of currency... who knows..

    so... i need to buy a few more minescuel things, and perform a few tasks before i can start the growbox, such as cutting vent channels, creating a fan housing, and i can still go out to buy some venting supplies.

    i have a few fans aroudn the house i can break down and make a housing for to fit the box, so that shouldnt be a BIG deal.

    but i DO have one thing i am asking for you all...
    if you happen to have supplies or materials you are willing to let go for a cheap price or even as a donation, i will ALWAYS be open arms. Send me a PM! or comment!

    I PLAN ON USING THE SMALLER BOX IN THE PIC -no shelf- unless you guys think otherwise

    so far i have purchased the following
    10 blue mystic (regulars) + 2 free fem seeds....
    400w lighting system (MH+HPS bulbs) ballast, reflector, hooks, timer
    netting pots, half pound of pellets, 10 root plugs, and a bottle of FloraGro Flora gro 2-1-6 (do i need more than a single bottle of nutes?)

    ONTO the pics

    First pic is the LARGE cabinet (smaller due to shelf), thinking about using, simply for the shelf space..

    Second pic is the "smaller" cabinet. has a NICe and sturdy crossbar that can easily hold 40lb.

    Third pic is a blueprint of the smaller cabinet with a tupperwear bin inside of it.

    i have a tin of Semi Gloss white, and im still looking for flat white in the basement, but no luck yet. think it'll suffice?

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  2. Small update:
    Finally got my growbox painted!

    Img one is before i got to use a Paint rolled (has the 10gal tupperwear in it)

    Img two is the most recent painting (needs antoher coat)

    Got my airpump, stone, tubing, bottle of nutes, and my pots in the mail, still waiting on seeds, plugs, light and hydroton!
    All have shipped, so its just a waiting game now.

    Anyone familiar with the Single Seed Center? (worldwide-marijuana-seeds)?

    ive heard theyre a reputable seed bank, but i just hope it follows through.

    i cant wait you-guys!

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  3. Another Update for ya'll

    still waiting for my seeds via customs and then its time to get it going!

    edit: still need to make proper ventilation... somehow

    it is MUCH MUCH MUCH brighter than picture shows and much more than i thought it would be

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