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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by intheplace, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. aight i was just thinking about beauty and ugly. What does everyone in the city think these are. What is ur definitions of them.

    WHAt i think of ugly is when somone has a bad attitude. I like postive poeple and i fined them beautiful and i find negative attitude people ugly. I know it doesnt some like much but i really like being around positive people it just makes every situation better. So thats my definition of them......whats everyone elses..
  2. I think everyone's definitions of beauty and ugliness come from the unconscious. When I see someone/thing that I think is beautiful I don't have to think about it, it just is. It's kinda like one's like's and dislike's, we can't account for them really, they just are.(like try to figure out why your favorite color is what it is, it just is)
  3. I find beauty in someone when their soul reaches out and grabs me. The intensity of their heart and how good it is defines beauty for me. Good people glow. You can feel it. It's almost magnetic.

    There's ugliness in those with cold hearts and their soul has to bear that burden. You can sense it in people, it can hit you dead on or you might not realize it until later but you eventually know.

    Luckily, I find more beauty in people than ugly so I'm happy about that.

    (Of course, I have the understanding that you are asking about what's within a person and not so much what is visual.)
  4. that's a very powerfull image.

    I could have said it anotherway, but it wouldnt have been as striking.

    and darkness repels intheir presence..
  5. beauty is BRIGHT!!

    good people glow fits that exactly. Open minded, strong spirited, carefree, all equate to beauty. When i see beauty, its as if im standing on the sun, like a deer in the headlights. it is all i can see, all i can think about, and i cant look away.

    darkness is greed, scorn, hate, prejudice. i pity those lost in the world of conformity

    (although i grow weary of those so hopelessly against it, there is a point where you must just "go with the flow", im sorry, but those of you who feel they need to fight the system, if we were a part of any other species, the rest of us would have killed you LONG ago...)
  6. I agree AdamBC. You can fight the system, but only to an extent. Fighting the system to far can result in negetive and unndeeded attention.

    I also believe a beautiful person as openminded, and often I find these people to be part of the counter culture.

    Many of the people I consider conformists I find to be disturbing and inept.

  7. Oh teach me wise sage on how to sense the auras of others, but I believe everything you say, positive people attract and welcome others for what they are, but the negative people cant deal with being around other people I use be one of these hapless ones to a point that I could not stand to function with friends, members of my family, and any one that was unfortunate enough to cross my path and interact with me.
  8. everyone is beautiful. absolutley everyone. if you think about it enough, you can get that wonderful vibe from anyone. some people are inspiringly positively beautiful, and others are beautiful in a sad, tragic way, but i dont find them ugly. if you think of every "ugly" person you meet as just a poor misguided child, you find it becomes easy to never hate anybody at all and to appreciate everybody. i think this is kind of the purpose of life, our ultimate goal: to just eventually elevate our perspective and look upon the world with a mind so serene that beauty is everywhere.
  9. wow.. now that i think about it i think my perception has changed... now its kinda like i know that person is attractive or unattractive just by the looks.. but as others were saying you can like sence the feelings their giving out, nice people is better than meaner...
  10. heres how i judge a girl she can have decent looks and really good personality and be considered pretty, likewise a girl can have beautyful looks and be a bitch and i precieve her as ugly so imo true beauty to me would be a girl whos good looking as she can be and really good inside yep thats the kinda girl i want she doesnt have to have big breast or nothing so long as she can back it up with somthing else like not being a bitch :d
  11. i have 2 truly beautiful friends...

    when i first befriended them i was embarassed by their generosity and kindness...they wanted nothing more than to JUST be my friend and be there for me if i needed them with no strings attatched...

    meeting these 2 people was the best thing that ever happened to me, as it made me really think about what sort of people i had been around for a long time...

    this, to me, is the difference between a beautiful and ugly human but not expecting...
  12. No one is either beautiful or ugly; it's all in how we perceive them. Many people I view as beautiful everyone else I know thinks are really ugly, and vice versa. There are no set guidelines for beauty, people, it's all in the mind.
  13. Beautiful is what comes to your mind when you look at me and ugly is the opposite....

  14. no, i disagree..Micheal Jackson is pretty fucking ugly...
  15. I think Charlize Theron is Beauty
    George W Bush is Ugly
    Stay HIgh :smoking:
  16. beauty is definately within. u can have a gorgeous guy/gal and their attitude suck extremely. which in turn, makes them ugly.
  17. i used to think of beauty as a phisical thing, but then i met this person who at first i thought was really weird looking, and then after a while they didnt seem so weird looking, and i found myself head over heals for them and i thought they were hot, acutally alot of my frineds have liked this guy after they kenw him for a while, and some of my friends are like really really pretty, you would think none of us would ever give this guy a chance, but he gets kind of a lot of girls....pretty amazing what a good personality can do for you
  18. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    that being said, theres so much beauty in the world that i cant really call anyone ugly at this point in time, at least not like "hes ugly", but rape is ugly, therefore rapists are ugly mother fcukers that will rot in fucking hell.

    anyways, when it comes to beauty it all depends. I can find beauty in any random person just by talking to/with them. with some people it takes more then a single conversation but most can be seen as beautiful after just a few minutes of chit chat.

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