Beautiful things (while stoned)

Discussion in 'General' started by Capatillar, Jun 21, 2013.

    Dublin, Ireland  :smoking:

  2. You'd be surprised how many people dress in cheap, tacky, little track-suits around my area. They all look so similar, kinda like there's a chav army patrolling my streets.

    (Search up 'chav' if you're not English... In fact, don't.)
    we call them knackers in Ireland.. or scumbags. Either/or. They make my bus trip to work sheer hell. The fuckin hack of them  :mad:
  4. take me with you!!!! i will supply the green!
  5. this entire thread is beautiful :)
    definitely if you get the chance to pass through arizona take a couple stops out in the middle of the desert and just breathe it in for a bit before you die from a heat stroke (lol), it is truly something i'd wish everyone could experience at least once in their life. Especially during the winter when its just the right amount of cold to be foggy and green
  6. My beautiful spot while stoned yesterday afternoon.
    Gorgeous day, except bitterly cold! I can always accept the cold chills more if the sky is blue and the sun is out.
  7. today i went to the beach.  there was barely any one there it was nice i hit my pipe in the car before i got out and just enjoyed the ocean all day
  8. I was sitting under a cluster of bamboo smoking a nicely rolled joint when it was raining pretty hard yesterday, was a nice experience to be sure.  ^_^
  9. mountain view hd wallpaper.jpg
    i think this ireland, just my guess if you got a big screen itskind of fun when your high to stare at and imagine your there
  10. smoked weed with my sister for the first time a few mins ago...she is 20 and only smoked twice before in high school. it was really chill we only talked about the movie we just saw but she is really fun stoned lol laughin her ass off talkin about how the moon is supposedly bigger looking tonight or tomorrow?
    idk it is a beautiful night tho
  11. Haha it is the "super moon" after all. Love smokin with people who are new to the herb
  12. Love and empathy for a fellow human. That in it's truest sense is the most beautiful thing i can imagine. If we all knew how to just do those two things for everyone maybe we'd all understand eachother and make peace.

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