Beautiful things (while stoned)

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  1. Did you see anything beautiful today?

    I have a lake behind my apartment so I see it off the 2nd floor patio. Some geese wandered by the side on the grass and I fed them little pieces of bread from the balcony. It was beautiful. Ahh wake and bake.
  2. I live in Vermont, out in the woods. All I have to do is look out the window to see natural beauty. But to be more specific, I was out doing a little mowing this morning and I saw a family of black bears trundle by on the edge of my property. 
  3. :eek: why is there no pics in this thread?
    I grew up kinda near red mountain here in AZ, but i honestly hadn't seen it in such clarity like this before so i thought i'd snap a pic. This was from a couple days ago.
    living in the desert fucking sucks right now, but it truly does have its moments of pure beauty.
    as for something i seen beautiful today? went and saw my sister during lunch just a minute ago. her, my nephew and her babies daddy all looked soo happy and blissful. that, to me was very beautiful to see that. especially after everything they've been through.
  4. Man, that looks breathtaking. I would be out in the desert, tripping balls and pretending to be the man with no name, or some shit. I've never actually seen the desert, any desert. This makes me want to travel so badly.
  5. A nice smokin spot
  6. where is this? california?  i'd love to live on a nice little town overlooking a mountain.  has such a nice vibe to it.  maybe when i move to oregon
  7. yea this is SoCal. its a city named Loma Linda very famous for their hospital, which you can see it in the picture, its the largest white building with black windows
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    Here's the view from my toking spot.
    Sometimes I vary it, and go here:
  9. I love the sound of trains in the distance. Makes my brain melt for some reason.
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    I paid homage to the sun at 12 noon today. The sun can be beautiful. Here is a pic of the Russian River in Guerneville, CA.

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  11. I Found this place at the edge of a trail overlooking a lake and took a picture for this thread
    [​IMG]didnt mean to take it sideways though
  12. all them women outside
  13. The thunerstorm last night i went out and got me some alcohol and smokes. Walked down the path by my house had a seat and watched the sun set through the storm with an intense red/orange/purple and dark blue variance. It was amazing mixed with the lightning.
  14. The sound of rain tapping on my roof windows, relaxing. :smoke:
  15. Watched an osprey take a trout.  Glorious on all counts.
  16. holy shit where do you live? that is amazing
  17. Easter Island would be trippy as hell
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    I saw some boobies earlier. But in terms of where I go stoned.. Not very nice. I live in a shit area. 

    And most people I see look like this...

    Yeah. Fuck England.
  19. Bwahahaha fuckin track suits classic!

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