Beautiful plant with stem rot?

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    This is an outdoor plant, I have not been bringing in at night
    It sits in a greenhouse but I sometimes bring it out to give it fresh air and direct sunlight.
    I'm not sure on the strain.
    Im not sure on the exact age (I know I should have a grow calander... but I don't.) however I would say it has been flowering for about a month?
    No bugs as far as I can tell


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    The plant looks very healthy except for this patch of what I assume is mold thats began to grow. It's brownish and furry and wraps all the way around the stock about 6 inches from the dirt

    There is also some slight discolouration on some of the leaves

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    Please help me save her!
  2. Thanks man, Do you think Its possible I can save her without cutting her out? I've been fanning her and keeping her as dry as possible and the mold seems to have receded 1/2 and inch in each direction since yesterday.
  3. The advice I offer you is...from very hard earned experience...No Shit!, check this Mold out, it's the worst, I do sometimes get it, if my grow room gets to humid, I always use to get it when growing outdoors, unfortunately in my post above I suggested you take clones now, although in flower, it is still possible, if you want this plant to survive you should consider topping the plant 2" below the infection, and carefully removing the infect part to the trash, the spores are highly contagious.
    Your strategy with this plant although meant in true heart, was completely wrong, you left the plant outside, it got damp, with dew etc etc, you bought it inside, got warm, and no breeze, the mold thrived.
    All you can do is learn from your mistakes, and be ready next time, as we all do.
    Or you may wait for some other guy to post up his recommendations. ..or try painting some bleach on the mold, but I'd top her for now.

    good luck

  4. Don't think topping is an option...

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