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Beautiful HALF ZIP

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by happybuddah45, May 28, 2009.

  1. cost me 190.

    this bud reeks!!!!my car stinks from it and the bag isnt even in there anymore.

    HIGH:powerful head high then a knock out retard body high.

  2. ohh very nice!!
  3. i took a couple hits earlier and thats all i smoked, and i was fucking BLOWDDDDDD:smoking:

    stay high everyone!
  4. zip means ounce where i'm from
    and that looks a HELL of a lot more than a half an ounce to me
    but maybe i'm just lookin at the pics wrong
    nice lookin bud by the way! :)
  5. Looks fucking good man.
  6. yeah we must live in the same place cuz when i say half zip i mean half ounceeeee:p

    my boy hooked it up an extra 2'gs so i rolled a fut blunt with him.

    thanks guys it had been 4 months since i had bought bud, so i thought i would spoil myself:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  7. yeah there doesn look like more than a half ounce in there
  8. oh the orange bottle is the one with the half o? cuz i was looking at the jars too. haha,

  9. oh if thts the case it looks like less than half o
  10. i'm guessing the whole pic is the half zip, it's probably just super fluffy.
  11. nice pick up, price is a little pricey, not hatin or nething
  12. Very Nice.....Hella dank
  13. well you know i dont just buy bud to fucking look at it bro. right as i picked the shit up all me and my boy were doin was rollin blunts *****. there was prolly like 12'g in the picture
  14. It's a half ounce people the jars are small notice how they're the same size as the pill bottle?
    Decent pickup but stop smokin those blunts bro such a waste of weed
  15. dude this just reminds me of how dry my town is right now and how i do not wanna drive a fucking hour to grab some good bud. i need to stop browsing this forum right now. lol
  16. looks like some dank bud, price isnt too great but its not bad either, nice pickup
  17. texas is kinda high on the dank prices.

    i dont only smoke blunts. i rarely smoke blunts, i usually jus hit my pipe, but i dont like driving around with glass so i bring something i can throw just in case:p

    thanks for all the replies people ima load a bowl and then go eat some dinner. KEEP BUMPIN THIS SHIT!
  18. Oh my god, that looks so goood. Im very envious,

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