Beautiful bong don't wanna mess it up.

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What will work poll will decide. Depending on comments with expirence backing the information.

  1. Melt 2 holes poke out with (most commented suggestion) and fix holes by useing broken pipe glass.

  2. Just stick wires through the stars and be simple and get someone elts to do the glue.

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  1. Should I get a torch and melt a hole on each side of where the neck meets the center peice about midways between the neck and the top edge of the larger cylinder (by that I mean halfway between the edge of top of the fat tube and where the skinny tube is melted into it just to be sure that's understood) and go in it with some braided kanthal wire (it's durable and won't bend easy) <--- method 1 ---> method 2 (ONLY READ THIS SECTION AFTER YOU READ THE OTHER OPTION IT EXPLAINS THIS. UNTILL THEN SKIP TO "method 1 ---->"...
    to stick through 4 of the perk holes to hold the perk up(2 on each side of the broken perk and another towards the bottom somewhere in between one side and the other so it can be angled and held stable and the guy helping me has a hand free for the qtips with glue) <---- method 2 method 1 ----> and let someone elts put a long qtip in the other hole with some super glue and glue it back on since it's a clean break or should I try the same method useing the small star holes in the ice catcher to be safe? My plan to fix the holes if I can even get a pen size hole on each side with a torch without messing the bong up was to melt some really colorful glass off broken pipe peices into it if I can even do that. Can I do that? Any of that? Or is there something simple anyone elts can think of?

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  2. im not entirely sure it will work but maybe temporarily use gum until u come up with a solid way?
  3. :smoking: every picture Sept for the picture we need to help you bro, we need a side shot of this thing too.

    Particularly a up close picture of the perc section

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