Beating yourself.

Discussion in 'General' started by HolyHaze, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. May I suggest something?

    After a hard day's work, try kicking the shit out of yourself. Feel pain.
    Don't eat or drink for a day, starve.
    Don't take a shower or brush your teeth, stink.

    Now, you will see how most of the people, especially children, are living in this world.

    You will make a change.
    Go wild.
  2. Dude, your a buzz kill.
  3. I'm guessing this is "Legend."
  4. haha agreed:smoke:
  5. I'm a buzzkill? Dude come on, I've never been so shamed in my life. Hah, a buzz kill..

    I'm just trying to point out the pain in this world.
    Aren't I cool?
  6. I hope not. :hello::wave:
  7. You've been watching too much fight club.
  8. You know, I just got your PM, and I was gunna respond there, but honestly if you want people to like you, don't keep posting about things, well like this.

    We're just a chill little stoner community and honestly, most people don't wanna talk about death and beating oneself first thing in the morning.

    People know you're new here, so they should be open enough to give you time to adjust, maybe you should just not make new threads for a while, and just get the feel for the place here.
  9. Where are you at in this great world? They were brought up like that so its normal when you look at how normal your life is - sure its shitty to think about it but thats where they were put - Go ahead brad pitt donate a couple million
  10. naw bro id rather blaze a fatty and munch out on lots of food

    jsut chill go smoke a fatty dear lord joy kill go live your life dont worry about other shit just chill dear lord
  11. oh i stink alright,i stink of Weeeeeedd
  12. This man has never smoked marijuana a day in his life!
  13. um yeah, instead of beating the fuck out of myself and stinking like a nasty bag of feet and unwiped ass i think il opt to take a shower, smoke a dutch, a few bowls, maby have a beer or ten an munch out on pizza, fried chicken and chips and salsa. oh and any of them unfortunate people that you speak of can come and join. sounds better than a hard self inflicted kick to the teeth huh?
  15. Yeah, when i read the title to this thread i thought it was about masturbation...
  16. I think about that stuff to some times ....pick a cause and do something about it!

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