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Beatin the drug dog.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by mtnxc, Mar 14, 2010.

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    Whatsup GC? Im not new here or new to smoking, but I guess this is where I should post my question. So my question is how long can a drug dog smell weed in your car? Im curious cause if I smoke in my car (which I do), and transport weed in my car how long can a dog pick up on it? Sayin that there isnt any grass in the car just has been or have smoked in it. Im askin this cause I work at this camp in the summer and my boss used to be ok with grass but had some complants and is forced to run dogs through the parkin lot. I dont go down till June but Im wondering if my car is safe to run by dogs. Im gonna quit smokin in my car now. But realisticly Ill burn a few times in it between now and camp. Thanks for any input. Peace
  2. Well I have no idea how long afterwards they can smell it but as long as you have all your shit out of the car, and I mean every little chunk of bud or stem you should be all set. A person still has to find the bud after the dog smells it. Just be like "Oh I dropped some food back there b4" and when they don't find bud u will be all set.

    It's like if u go through a metal detector and it goes off but u remember that u have ur keys in ur pocket. They aren't gonna kick you out if you have nothin on you.
  3. just don't have in there and smoke in it the night before camp.
  4. You'll be fine, just don't leave weed in there.
  5. Yea im gonna clean the shit out of it. Aint gonna be no stems or no shit in there. I may put some fuckin dog treats in there. Then if it does stop theyll find dog treats.
  6. incense and candles can help tremendously

    i smog my car all the time.and trust me it smells like mary janes vagina in there ;).but a couple of minutes with an incense on or a candle an you can really tell the difference. like other posters have said make sure you dont leave shake around.just vaccum every now an than an you should be good.

    hope that helped.goodluck bro
  7. Drug dogs can smell weed weeks after contact. Dogs can smell hundreds of times better than humans and can pick out scents, so if you hide your weed in a jar of peanutbutter or something, the dog can pick out the scent of the peanutbutter, and the scent of the weed, there is no masking the smell.

    Secondly, it is easy to evade a dog, to simply confuse it, take a bag of weed and wipe it all around your car, under the seats, on the roof, on the tires, on the inside and outside of doors, on the dash, everywhere. This way if a dog ever sniffs your car he will smell it everywhere and will go crazy circling the car until the trooper doesn't find anything or is forced to put the dog back in the car.

    Thirdly, if you are going to have weed in the car when the dog is sniffing, put it high up in the middle of the car (put it in the lining or under a removable light or something) because dogs have a hard time looking up and smelling up there.
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    How does that seem like a good idea? If you get pulled over and a dog shows up it will alert to the smell of weed and the cops will search your car. If you have no weed it'll be fun watching the cops waste their time but if you do the cops will just search your car and find it. The idea works for your house if you rub a bag of weed on everything the dogs will be useless because they will alert to everything so the cops have to try to find your weed. In a car the chances are very small that the cops won't find it and having the dogs alert give the cops the right to search anything. I would suggest watching never get busted again and maybe never get raided again too for everyone that smokes weed. Stashing the weed up high is a very good idea though.
  9. Ok that first part doesn't make sense now that yo say that. Anyways, you could also just wash your car with those disinfectant rags.
  10. Im not sure what part does not make any sense to you, but when you rub weed on things like your cabinet or your table it leaves microscopic dust on what you rubbed it on and thats what triggers the dog to alert. The video never get busted again goes in to great detail on how they train drug dogs and how they find your stash. Also never get raided again is good for people that do grows in their house because it talks about FLIR and drug dogs searching your house.

    To answer the OP's question, as long as you dont have week all over the car, meaning you roll your joints in the house and just smoke them in the car, you should be fine. Just let the car air out for a day or so and you should be good. If you have bud all over the place you better vacuum up the car.
  11. The first thing I said. I know how dogs sense of smell works.
  12. To the OP: just go to Youtube and search for "Never Get Busted Again". You will learn everything you need to know from that video.
  13. Thanks for the video tip. Im gonna have to carry it down there in the car. Ill be able to get it out before its searched. How do you guys think I should transport it? Im thinkin about haulin it in a peanut butter jar and wipin down the outside of the jar. I think after I take it out of the car it shouldnt leave any scent behind.
  14. Yeah the peanut butter thing would work, I would put the jar in the trunk so its not in plain view and you know it wont accidently pop out into the cops line of sight.
  15. it would be very rare for a traffic cop to have a drug dog with them,

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