beaten and robbed for 1800 bucks

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Weed Macgyver, May 27, 2010.

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  1. this fucking blows

    i called up my guy looking for 16 zones (1 pound) of some high mids, he told me he didn't have any but he knows this guy that goes by hernadez that is always carrying weight and it's pretty decent outdoor grown stuff, i asked how much and it he wanted 1800 for a pound, i excitingly accepted seeing as how i always pay upwards of 2000 bucks for a pound of high mids, i grab my wallet and phone and head out

    i get over there and i'm parked looking around when all of a sudden my back window shatter and a brick comes flying in and smashes my radio, i'm stunned with fear and i tried to start my car but it just wasn't working because i was trying to do it so fast i couldn't calm myself enough to turn the ignition

    anyways this guy comes up to the side of my door and opens it (my car unlocks when you put it in park..) and pulls me out by my arm and throws me on the ground and grabs me by my hair and starts slamming my face into the pavement repeatly, i finally blacked out and woke up a minute or two later to my brand new HTC magic and 1800 dollars gone, i got in my car and drove home pissed as fuck, using my t shirt as a cloth to stop my self from bleeding.. my face is all busted up ontop of it:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  2. go shoot the guy who set you up... or tazer him and steal his supply and money.. he totally set you up dude.

    edit: on second thought this isnt grand theft auto... suck it up and dont deal with that guy again.
  3. tht sucksssssssssss
  4. Go fucking do something about it.

  5. i got home and called the guy who referred me up on my house phone and his phone is off, i don't know where he lives cause i always pick up from him at different locations all the time
  6. That would call for some serious retaliation cuz.
  7. Keep your doors locked at all times.

    And i honestly wouldn't feel any better about the situation until i did 1800 dollars worth of damage on your friends or that guys car/face.
  8. how close are you with the dude who hooked u up with this guy? did you see what the dude who jacked u looked like?
  9. A name and number is more than enough to find a rather unsettling amount of information on the internet.
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    Honestly, I would rob the guy who set me up. and look up Hernandez and hit him up too. But if you want to be on the safe side, cut off all contact from them and look or new connect. Hope you at least have some bud to smoke to calm you down.

    edit: get a gun and ride on em also.
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    people can't be going around doing things like these, expecting to have no consequences.
    my buddy, a verryyy good friend of mine i've known him for as long as i can remember, nearly had his face beaten in by a tire iron. he had his door kicked down, his ass beat to ----. 10 roxy's stolen (250$) and another 200$.
    he od'd the next day on some roxy's because the pain was so bad and ended up in the hospital with heart problems and brain damage. he was put into a drug-induced coma for 2 weeks and when he woke up, he couldn't breathe on his own or anything. he's still nearly brain dead but he's very slowly recovering but the doctors say he should make a full recovery.
    in my opinion.
    i would scrap up like 400$, get 2 or 3 buddies of mine, 2 baseball bats, a glock, and a tazer or some -----.
    i would call that ---- up from your buddies phone, then i'd set him up. or just go to his house, break in, beat his ankles continuously till he's crying and begging for you to kill him. taze his ass till he's foaming at the mouth and then pistol whip his ass so hard he won't wake up till next tuesday. then strip his house of valuables and tear everything up and then leave.
    tired of people doing stupid ---- and not getting the snot beat out of them after they robbed someone for PAPER, and nearly killing them when they could've just held a gun to their head. pretty -----ed sure anyone with sense would give up any material object for their life. unless their dumb. . -----in retarded ---- going on these days..
    sorry i'm slightly enraged right now.

  12. i got no bud at all, i'm dry, this is why i shouldn't wait till i'm out to pickup more
  13. To OP: Purchase a Firearm.
  14. You fully deserved it.
  15. Oh, man. This is just fucking terrible shit.
    If you were going to get this guy back, you would have to pull it off just right.
    I don't know how, but you can't let something like this go.
    Fucking scumbags.
  16. Yeah, really... it's fucked!

    Fuck I want to play Oblivion now... Assassin's guild was my favorite part.
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