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  1. have you ever heard about vocal percussion, the art of beatboxing it's making music with your mouth, makin various sounds with different parts of yer mouth ive been beatboxing for 2 year since i started token on sweet mary jane. and now i know wot i want ma carrer to be........(pro beatboxer)...peace out......
  2. yup... i do that alot.
    i used to do it long before i ever knew there was such a thing as beatbox.

    it was only recently that i saw someone teaching someonelse about the basics* and i realised.. "hey! i've known that shit for years!"

    *the basics being...
    P K T and CH

    wit these 4 sounds you can pretty much sound like you know what your doing (asuming you can keep a beat). :D
  3. the roots have the best man machine on that category, and he has done an solo record where everything is "played" by that guy and it's recorded live so everything comes from the same mouth at the same time, scratching, beats, bass everything. It would be great if I'd remember the name of that guy but I don't all I remember is that he's from The Roots
  4. Rahzel is the best beatboxer, n e ov u guys know him?

  5. Yah Rahzels got skills. He's mad recent though. You want tight beatboxing search one of the music download sites for the "Fat Boys."

    haha, u don't remember the Fat Boys?? They are oldskool rap, like early 90's I think. Anyway search for songs named "Human Beatbox" there are several versions you might come across.

    Good Stuff.
  6. 90s r oldskool? oh shit, ... you're talking like real early 90s right? like 90-93 yeah? oh shit, i think i'm starting to get old! lol

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