Beat that i made

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  1. I need you all to smoke somthin and listen to this song

    <object width="300" height="110"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="300" height="110" wmode="transparent"></embed>Mad Treez - Freak</object>

    If you got subs, turn them shits up
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    its nuts dude.
  3. im sorry to be a critic but

    the beat is mad ill :cool:

    the lyrics could use some work though :eek:

    but other than that its pretty tight
  4. wrong section
  5. hey can u send me the song with a blank spot for a verse i wanna lay one on it. just for fun. only if thats str8 with u of course.

    ill track.

  6. yeah. could you send me a copy of it. gettin my new system installed on saturday and i would be honored to christen ma new subs with this song.
  7. Yo where can I get an mp3 of that shit?
  8. Not bad, man... I'm more about G-Funk and the like than newer school stuff, but this is better than half the shit you hear on the radio...
  9. that sounded good, i liked the sounds in the beat and you pulled it all off well, but its not exactly my type of rap though, so i didnt like it much personally. thats just my taste though fool, it sounds tight keep it up.
  10. I mess around making beats every once in a while and just out of curosity i am found wondering what you used?

    Hypersonic or FL studio?

    I run FL studio XXL producers editon if your intrested.
  11. pro tools and reason
  12. dude. def +rep. i listen to "mad treez" ery time i get in my car.

    "and you know i smoke that bomb weed
    eyez so red got me lookin like a zombie"
  13. how do i get more people to here this on this web site?
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    THAT IS THE SHIT! +fkn rep!

    the download link doesnt work for me? Just takes me straight to the itunes store and says that no results were found. Know whatsup? I need this.
  15. If you would like the mp3 of this song

    post your email and I will send it to you
  16. dude.... you have to send me an mp3 of that.... i need to listen to it always.... its fuckin cool thanks bro
  17. Yo, the beat is sick!!! Lyrics need a lil work but over all its riding.
  18. dude... you have fuckin awesome metal songs on there!!!!! the metal you made if you did make it, is way better then the rap... your fuckin talented

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