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    It's not even close to finished. It'll be part of my new beat tape comin up. Feedback appreciated. :)



    I will post the updates if anyone want's me too.
  2. I'm diggin the section with the horns, and the beat itself is pretty dope, I could definitely tell it's still really rough, but nothing a little bit of patience and editing can't fix.
  3. Yeah dude. Thanks for the feedback. I'm aiming for flying lotus's trippy, off-beat, soulful styles. :)
  4. :cool: Thanks dude.
  5. [ame=]YouTube - Chronic Absence - Jazz Ensamble[/ame]

  6. iLL, that cover is fuckin dope too
  7. Thanks a lot homie! Both the track and the cover were made by muah. :)
  8. lyrics are flying through my head. love the beat
  9. Werdski. Glad this is getting some good feedback! :hello:
  10. hey man would you mind if i wrote lyrics to this? im gettin stoned and this beat is inspiring as fuck:smoking:
  11. Do it up, dude! By all means, have fun with it!

    Nothing feels better to me then having people inspired by my beats so go right ahead. :)
  12. good stuff man. keep it up. how long you been producing for?
  13. Appreciate it, man.

    I've been seriously at it for maybe a year and a half now. Give or take. I used to just mess around for fun a year before that but I didn't really start putting time into it until about a year and a half ago. :)
  14. you got any more beats?
  15. nice i like your style:smoking:
  16. These compliments are too much!

    Thanks you so much for the replies guys. You really have no idea how good this makes me feel.

    If any of ya have a beat idea that you want made, hit me up and I'll see what I can whip up. Free of charge.

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