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Beasts and Mango

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kpaulsac, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. so recently ive been getting this mango, very dank, i would say if your hitting it out of a bong or steam roller than it is two hit quit, two hits and your almost to high to take another hit. the other stuff is this beasters that my buddy is getting. it goes for 10 a gram with no relief on anything, which is kind of cool....10 a gram, 35 and eight, 70 a quad, 140 half, 280 zip, and so on, both very dank, both very tasty.....enjoi




    and now for the beasters


  2. that beast is really leafy. I just bought an eighth of the exact same stuff for 50 so i guess u got the better deal
  3. ya, his getting some good ass deals.
  4. dude the mango looks fuckin primo and the beasters look incredable for beasters although leafy, the beasts are nice and hairy with plenty of trichomes. i wish i could get beasters like that here. i've never had mango. how is it?
  5. the mango is mad prime.....two hits from the sobe waterfall and i have no desire to smoke any more at the time
  6. Nice Pickup!

    PS- Next time try using a flash or better lighting because those pics are underexposed. :)
  7. That mango shit is some fire ass buds and the beasters look good too

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