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    Is it possible to communicate to animals/Trees?
  2. On acid it's impossible not to. :0
  3. o rly.
    can you fax me acid?
  4. Yah sure.
  5. this made me think of this one time when i was REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY high, i had an even lower tolerance back then (right now half a bowl of good weed and im feeling GREAT).. and i was half asleep half awake, barely aware of what is going on around me, just lost in my own thoughts. i dont remember much but for some reason at one point i had this feeling that somehow everything and everyone is very.. connected, like everything (at least on this planet, but also beyond, i believe) is one living thing that has one origin. like everything is one organism, like we are all ONE. weird, eh?
  6. ONE

    Always sounded good in theory...
    Always looked good on paper...

    - Alanis Morissette
  7. I can tell my dog to sit, and he will do so. I consider that communication =)
  8. Why tell him to do anything?

    Now, asking... what can be more loving?
  9. On shrooms you possibly could. I saw plants and trees pointing in 1 direction on shrooms, weird thing is, I can still see it now.
  10. Which direction?
  11. thats what i was wondering
  12. For some reason it's not straight up or towards the sun.
  13. You don't stare the sun in the eye.

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