Beastly Kind Creations Glass pickup [photos]&[milk]

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    So I grabbed this humungo Kind Creations bubbler today, and I'm liking it quite a lot. It's 18" tall. has a natural perc and a 4 arm triple slit tree perc.
    How about I just let the pictures do the talking...


    I love this thing :) :smoking::smoking::smoking::wave:

    Milkshots are a little hard to aim though... ahhh Im just blazed...

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  2. sick piece man +rep
  3. that's really sick.. How much did it run you?

    I like there logo haha
  4. looks pretty sweet man. I plan to add one of these to my collection sometime in the future.

  5. thanks man

    hell yeah, like the CO flag, it was stickered at $300

    its a quality investment


    milkshots are a bitch though lol :D ill deal

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  6. That piece is the bomb dude.

    GOd i would love to tke a rip off something like that bro.

  7. OH MY GOD
    With that inline that thing must hit harder than a bong
  8. Sick bub setup.
  9. WOW that's a really nice bubbler, man. awesome pickup
  10. sweeeeet set up w/ that inline dude. love the blue green color scheme going on. i saw those things at my headshop too, but price was a little steep in NY, im sure you got a much better deal. love the milks too dude.
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    thanks, its rips real well

    its got more drag than my lux, so the hits are different, but the natrual perc makes the smoke puff up in really distinct bubbles, not sure how to explain, but its looks really cool when milking

    thank you sir

    thanks man, im glad to have it in my collection

    Thaaanks. lol I'm happy with what I payed, and it came with a case. Im just mad i didnt have enough $$$ for the sovereignty 4 arm a/c as well. they only have one left! :eek:
  12. amazing piece man looks sick

    loving the snoop poster too :)
  13. that thing is so sick man! i love huge bubblers like that, and im really feelin that setup with the A/C... niiiice millks! +rep

  14. fuck yeah, thanks man

  15. haha dude, ur gonna think i am such a dick, i was gonna suggest putting trikky's sg a/c on that and taking a pic in my previous post, but i didn't haha. def get an SG 4 arm for that thing.
  16. sick piece.
  17. That thing looks like a piece of shit.

    JUST KIDDING! Bring that bitch over here so I can REALLY break that shit in.

    It needs the Trikky seal of approval, I believe.
  18. imagine phelps was hitting this thing. people would just be like wtf
  19. vry sick pickup bro. gotta love bub setup!

  20. hahaha, seriously.

    i could see kenny g rippin some bowls out of this sax. so sick!

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