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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cyric99, May 12, 2006.

  1. I feel like a newb for asking this, but what exactly are beasters? I started smoking in Orlando, and I don't recall ever coming across anyone saying this. :love::confused_2:
  2. middies...also called bistro
  3. lots of slang floats around when it comes to pot. for me, beasters are good mids. ive seen shit that was in buds, hairy, and keefed-up, which would have made it nug, but it was very dry and compressed. anyway, im a happy man when i can find me some beasters.
  4. yeah. decent good mids.
  5. Its mostly northern slang, but im pretty sure its like high mids. Close to dank, but not dank enough to call it that.
  6. lol i dont classify my weed too much (into all that mid, high, low shit lol no offecne or anything) but i classify it as good or bad.. lol havent ran across any bad weed.. so its all a great nice high that i enjoy. haha, maybe im just a very spirtual person and i am baked outta my mind so im rambling on hahaha! peace everyone, and i always wondered what that mean 'beasters' lol.. now I KNOW! :D lol, peace everyone.
  7. comon guys .. beasters is KIND BUD .. the shit in the middle.. its not stemmy (ushally 1 big stem that holds about an eight around it of bud) no seeds ither .. ushlly feels like rocks (sometimes soft and sticky) cause its so dense .. buds break down to little balls about size of a regular marble .. its not middies or even high mids imo .. its its own class .. shit burns very slow.. orange hairs OUT THE ASS on it ..

    personnaly .. good beasters (on edge of dank) is my fav weed to get cause its 45 an eight (0r 40..) and lasst around 3 - 4 days w/o even trying!
  8. i always just thought beasters meant big nugs
  9. One step before dank id say.
  10. beasters is shitty kind bud...commercial shit....mass produced bud....decent seeds....allot of orange hairs...but minimal crystals....roll it to tite and it wont hit...dense...has a decent high but nothing good at all i avoid them when ever possible....i hate em
  11. Around here beasters are the kind of bud that tends to fool the untrained eye. The buds seem to look alright, nice n big with a serious coating of hairs, but if you look closely you'll see that theres next to no crystal. Another telltale sign of beasters are the lacking of any sort of stink, instead the bud has a slight aroma similiar to herbal tea. This is usually due to the rushed growing process that the cash croping growers use. Personally, if i roll up to a deal and see that someones pushin the beast il just pass. It might look like its gonna be potent but I need atleast a gram to my face to catch a shitty groggy indica high with beast, when a .2 or .3 of real dank sends me to the clouds. All in all, if ur in a pinch i guess beasters arent so bad, otherwise Id highly recommend going for some real dank cuz itl go a loooot further for your buck.
  12. Hmm.. so basically it's not cured correctly? Or is it referenced to certain strains?
  13. beaster is a strain of cannabis grown hydroponically in mass quantities in canada and sent over to the u.s. for distribution.
  14. Well, some of you are partially correct.

    Beasters is commercially grown weed from Canada, no certain strain at all, but it's usually Big Bud (c) for it's high yields and decent potency. It's often grown using a hydrophonic drip system to increase yields and speed up grow times without a big investment. The problem with this bud is that it's often picked early so they can harvest more often, badly dried and improperly shipped. It's basically the schwag of Canada.

    It's usually really good shit and could rival some people kind bud/dank/chronic int he U.S. Usually you can get REALLY good deals ranging as low as $70 to $150 or so. It's the most weed for the money but it can get old because it's nothing special, just decent. Sometimes it's a little compressed but never bricked like mexican schwag.

    Sometimes people use the term besters for anything that's good but not quite kind bud. Other words to replace this include pretena-kind and upper-mids. If you can get genuine beasters for a good price, get them. They're perfect for blunts... anything actually, but especially fat blunts.

  15. good call

  16. ^word

    whoever said its mids is retarded

    ive gotten some pretty dense nice beaster nugs. they just dont have the crystals that headies do and not as same quality
  17. i get shit that i guess could look like beasters but it always has a nice sweet smell, sticky as hell, not wet at all but not the driest weed, and it burns slow and gets you high as hell. Not to mention it smokes great- tastes good, not harsh or anything except we call it dro. I had some shit that looks exactly like the typical beasters pic once and it had no smell, wasnt not sticky at all, had not taste and had barely any high, i guess thats what would call beasters.

    regs<dro<exotics(name strains normally)

  18. Good post.

    Around here Beasters is weed that's in bud form but isn't dank. So like any bud that looks really good (nice big buds w/ red hairs) but isn't actually good enough to be called dank because it's just the main cola off some regular commercial bud or maybe just a dank-grow gone wrong.
  19. Thanks for the great post emrandel, helped me out a lot! +rep :D
  20. i just got some beasters. i call beasters buds that are dense, hairy, and keefy. these buds i have now are some fire :cool:. mine are pritty moist and sticky, i can break them up no prob with my fingers so they arent too moist.

    yay for beasters :hello:!

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