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beasters for mids prices

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by angusnaut, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. so I was searching for some bud today and I called this kid who is a friend of a friend cause I needed some bud (my main hook-up was at work, I know he works 2 jobs kinda wierd) so I go to the kids appartment and he tells me 60 an 8th and I told him the bud he was trying to sell me was shitty, and all in all it really isn't all that good. But I told him that I would not pay over 20 for the 8th and he agreed. (I said 20 expecting to get shot down and get the meet half way and go for like 30-35) I took 20 no questions though. the bud is a lil shakey but its still pretty good, and for 20.....

    I appolagize in advance for the shitty pics my digital camera is about the cheapest one on the market:


    SANY0016.jpg picture by northernlightsss - Photobucket

    SANY0017.jpg picture by northernlightsss - Photobucket

    SANY0015.jpg picture by northernlightsss - Photobucket
  2. damn, good price for an eighter of that
  3. OHHH man!! sorry it's just that I picked up a 1/4 of i swear the same shit for an amazing $30 but it was a friend but it was still cheap in the first place but very nice especially in the vape. Total creeper, like comes in stages haha. No sour milk smell though.

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