Beast Coast Thread (UA, PE, FBZ ect.)

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    It seems like lately the beast coast is becoming more popular and making more music. So thread is to post anything related to the beast coast group. Over the last few years I got more and more into them and they are taking over my phone.

    So post your favourite songs, new songs, lyrics and show info in this thread

    RIP Steez but the coast seems to be still following him after death.

    I'll post a song by few of the different groups people-
    Capital Steez - Apex

    Flatbush Zombies - Regular and Complex

    Joey BadA$$ X Issa Gold X Flatbush ZOMBiES - Did U Ever Think

    The Underachievers - The Brooklyn Way
  2. not really beast coast but i figured you might like it
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  3. Yeah definitely a similar vibe
    I think Nyck Caution must be putting a project soon, never really listened to him much but this is good so I hope he continues like this

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