Bean Bag Chairs

Discussion in 'General' started by BongBassed, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. What do you people think of 'em? I'm thinkin about getting one for my room for my friends.
  2. brilliant...especially for smoking in.
  3. I'm one of those whom cn't stand the noise they make.

    and I hate it when they start to lose their beans...

    I agree they are confortable thow.

    My advice would be save our oney until you can get yourself a chairman's armchair in leather. Nothing can beat a cool leather armchair. (five weels, inclinable)
  4. I used to like them until my cats started peeing in them.

    I'm cautious around bean bag chairs, so i'll usually just go for another chair or the floor, lol.
  5. Edit: Entire post

    I got the wrong thread. My official contribution to this thread is as follows:

    I like beanbag chairs. I had one when I was wee.
  6. Bean bag chairs are the best man, but only when missing beans cause they pack those things up so much its uncomfortable so I just empty some out.
  7. i was thinking of getting one too i love them
  8. Man, if I got stoned in one of those! Fuck I would never be able to get out!

    Man it'd be fun though!!!
  9. They're cool, but hard to get out off :p
  10. You should get one of those giant bean bag chairs i have one and i love it
  12. I have one in my bedroom that is wonderful to sit in and smoke a joint after work. Just relax, listen to some tunes, etc. Life is pretty good sometimes, isn't it?
  13. i had a ninja turtles bean bag when i was younger. i would prefer to smoke in my recliner than my bean bag, however.
  14. fuck yeah bean bags
  15. bean bag chairs rock, there just a little hard to get out of.
  16. I used to have 2 of those things, back when I was younger. They slowly lost all of their beans though, and now I'm left with nothing ~14 years later
  17. we cant have any beanbags because the cats always piss in them :(
  18. i think i'm gonna get one, i nver thought about my cats pissin on it though
  19. i used to have one til my dog funked it up, now its in the basement with my dog sleeping on it.
  20. never had one... im partial to the leather couch........ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:)

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