Beaker or straight body

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  1. Hey guys I'm getting a new bong soon black Leaf flaming skull.and there's two options and they are straight body or beaker body? I know beaker is more of a traditional look but I was wondering if there's any difference smoke wise...maybe easier pull or something like that. Any advice guys? Thanks !!stay blazed
  2. i say straight.. and here is why.. nothing would be more disappointing than buying a new a/c and then finding out it don't fit because the beaker bottom gets in the way
  3. What exactly does "beaker" refer to?
    Is it conical or cylindrical? (Or is that your question in the first place?)

    (Assuming beaker refers to the conical shape)
    If both have the same base area, the beaker will be more stable because it's centre of mass is spread out.
  4. That's not really an issue with a straight tube. There's an extra glass disk attached to the bottom to stabilize them.
  5. Alright thanks man I was leaning more towards that anyway

  6. It is an issue because the disk isn't filled with water. Beakers are undoubtedly more stable and this is coming from a person with both kinds. Beakers also trap smoke in the beaker area before the chamber starts to fill so you get massive hits when you least expect it. I like beakers more as a practical piece however some of my favorite looking tubes are straight. If you or your friends are clumsy get a beaker

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