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  1. in light of the recent beaker vs straight tube thread, i had no idea there was so much support for beakers.

    personally i dont like them, but judging by 90% of pictures on this forum ive seen everyone owns straights!

    so lets see your beakers, maybe theyres some ill ones and ill be converted to a beaker lover hah.

    peace blades
  2. i love beakers, ive had 3.. the first 2 took tragic deaths, my first died about a week later simpley setting it on my carpeted floor softly( the tubes glass was much thicker than the beaker itself, the tube being 5mm, and the beaker being no more than 2mm, the tube went right inside of the beaker and stayed intact the bong being 100% dead ), my 2nd was a very nice double 3 arm percolated beaker, about 26'' tall, dont quote me on that one, ( it was sitting behind me and i was in an unmoveable chair, however since it was so tall when i stretched, i slightly tapped it and it fell so slowly because like 5 seconds later i heard the smash and died myself... ) - - i bought a few bongs in between my next beaker which is now my PH( X ) Duo the PHluX Capacitor.

    i wish i could just post one pic but heres the link to my thread about it
  3. I love my beaker bottom, although I love straights too

  4. I have a beaker and a straight. I like the beaker a lot more for using snow or shaved ice since its not as sensitive to changes in water levels as the ice melts like my straight tube is. Im also always afraid to let my straight tube out of my sight whenever it is out since its not as stable as the beaker bottom. Its nice to be able to set the beaker down and confidently relax

  5. To Hazey, what company made that shirt?

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