Beaker Bottom or Straight?

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  1. Hey, Grasscity!
    So, next week I am getting my first legit bong! 
    I'm spending $50 no more, no less, since its my first.
    A friend is getting it for me, since I dont have access to a local headshop.
    Its going to be a small bong, for concealment. It will be between 8-12 inches in height...
    So, my question is: Beaker or straight? I have no real bong experience, but I have hit some shitty acrylic bongs w/a carb, so I know how to hit one xD I heard pros and cons for both types, but the fact that its going to be on the smaller side might change those pros and cons. 
    Please explain your answer.
    Thanks peeps!

  2. I prefer beaker cuz it looks nicer imo. That being said I have a stemless straight. Cuz I broke my beaker.... Either way have fun with your first bong
  3. i also prefer beakers, they haave more chug, a little more sturdy than some straight pieces, more workability as far as water levels go. ive always liked them more because they tendd to feel better in my hands.
  4. Beakers let you go a little longer between water changings
  5. Beakers for sure!Kottonmouth Kings
  6. Straight if you want fat hits, straight let you get them hard hits b/c of the bubble stacking & what not. The first bong I ever had was a breaker, it was alright but I finally upgraded to a straight tube & never regretted it. Both are great designs don't get me wrong but if concealment is something you need straight tubes won't be an issue.Hope I helped :)Who Dat!
  7. I do prefer straight tubes.  I like them bcuz you don't need much water.(ripping it is quieter if you need to be stealthy) ;)  I also prefer the look of them over beakers...but beakers are good bcuz of the amout of water adds weight and it wont tip over as easy.
    My tube is not that stable when I got an ashcatcher on it, but putting ice in the tube solves that problem.
  8. I prefer the flask bottom (others call them beakers though that is IMO a misnomer, perhaps someone just preferred the alliteration over a more apropos description).  I like the chug that you get with more water.
     This is a beaker:
    This is a flask (erlenmeyer flask to be more precise):
  9. Definitely a beaker
  10. straight tubes have no drag no matter how tall. soon as you pull the bowl, the smoke is instantly in your lungs. getting fast, big hits gets you stoned faster.the downside to straight tubes is they hold very little water, and it will turn yucky real fast if your not using a screen.with a beaker theres more water and it creates drag, meaning you need a longer, harder breath to take a hit. the good thing about a beaker is more water means it will remain clean longer. also if your getting a beaker, make sure the bong has no perks. beakers and perks is a bad idea. drag drag dragSent from my iPhone.
  11. I think you might be a bit wrong on this brother.
    Straight tubes normally have less drag but drag partially comes from the amount of water you have to push away to get the air to your lungs. In other words, if a straight tube that has water levels high above the perc slits then it will still have a lot of drag.
  12. [quote name="koruptyg" post="19448353" timestamp="1391286537"]I think you might be a bit wrong on this brother.Straight tubes normally have less drag but drag partially comes from the amount of water you have to push away to get the air to your lungs. In other words, if a straight tube that has water levels high above the perc slits then it will still have a lot of drag.[/quote]why would u fill up your perks high above the slits? thats just stupid. and you said i was wrong, yet you proved my last post right by saying drag comes from the amount of water you have to push air with to your lungs. i clearly stated straight tubes have less water and less drag because of that.idno what ur trying to say lol, u had no points to refute what i said, u just said i was wrongSent from my iPhone.
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    I tried to say that you statement most often is right, but due to the wrong reasons. I think people should know how things work if they want to, not some infant ass para phrasing of the real function. However, since you felt but hurt by my polite way of getting proper information out, I'll break it down to you.
    Different perks work differently.
    You wouldn't fill a single honeycomb high above the slits but you could fill a tree many different ways depending on how long the arms are and where the slits are placed (short arms allows for higher water levels if youd like). You do know this right? Or maybe watching YouTube on your computer it shows everyone with the same water levels? Do you have some youtube-"proper water level"-filter on or something? 
    Everyone fills their bongs differently, and lets say a shower head is MOST OFTEN not as sensitive to water levels as a tree or a pillar. Your reasoning would be SOMEWHAT (read still not the truth according to physics) if you said that the straight version of a beaker model most often has slightly less drag (90%?) than the beaker, but you didn't. You had to say some stupid ultimate truth regarding straight tubes being drag less, right? 
    No clue how you could come to that conclusion with 600 posts, but then again, you don't seem to be wasting much time on thinking. Drag mainly comes from pushing water UPWARDS and not to the side. This is the reason for trees most often (please understand this and dont bring up a 54 tree example) being a lot chuggier than lets say Gline/stemline/waffle/treeoflife/nameanymotherfuckingpercyouwantthatisflatidiot. A beaker model is often SLIGHTLY more chuggy but there is a lot of beakers with less drag than straight tubes, with proper water levels. Your statement almost becomes a lie with bongs with a stem where there is even less of a difference between a beaker and a straight tube.
    If you have a hard time grasping this, try thinking about recycles. Huge water volume, still doesn't NEED to be much drag. Why? Cause the perc is not at the bottom of the water you dim wit. Water levels != drag, water levels above perc slits == drag.
    So to whom ever is buying a piece, please be aware of that there is drag in straight tubes, but and also that kumar seems to be retarded and needs to find his way to white castle. I think he is having a blood sugar drop.
    PS: mogwi411 that's actually hilarious, but then again, I guess most of us are high so I guess it has its reasons:p
  14. IMO from years of owning both the beakers are more durable, you don't have to worry about smashing the base off on accident. But IMO straight tubes are more aesthetic and less draggy.
  15. I prefer the straight, when I hit mine almost no drag...but when my friends have the gotta rip that bad boy hard
  16. [quote name="koruptyg" post="19448653" timestamp="1391290803"]Water levels != drag, water levels above perc slits == drag.[/quote]For those of you who are not coders: != (not equal) == (equal)Would it be safe to say, the amount of water you have to pull the smoke through creates more resistance. More resistance cools smoke more. ???It all depends what you like.

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