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  1. image.png Got a new piece the other day and I'm not sure what's inside the chamber can anyone educate me about what it is?
  2. its a perc throw water in it
  3. thanks, what's the purpose for it tho?
  4. Makes the hit a lot smoother.
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  5. These bongs are showing up around here. Really pretty nice little bongs for $20. You'll want to fill the top perc to ~2/3-3/4 of the height of the globe. The only problem with this design is that the tube length isn't quite long enough, so you end up getting splashed --- remove a little water until its acceptable.... For anyone looking to pick up a similar bong --- look for ones where the holes in the globe of the perk are as low as possible - that one is kinda on the high side - since that will allow for a longer water path and better function with less water/splashing.

    This is the one I picked up for $25 -- nice that the beaker section is short - and colored so I don't feel bad about gunk in it that I haven't been able to remove - and the tube is longer. Feel fortunate that I scored this one!

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  6. BTW - dropping an ice cube in there (since there are ice pinches) also helps to prevent splashing...
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