Beaker Based Bong - 3D Marbles - Yellow and Green

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  1. New in the shop
    Beaker Based Bong - 3D Marbles - Yellow and Green

    Buy USA - American Hand Blown Tubes - All United Glass Works Tubes are hand blown by US local glass blowers in Oregon.

    Tube - 15 Inch 3-D Marbles, 50mm Heavy wall Art, Color Work & Color Dots, Color Lip Wrap & Color Stringer Top, Ice Notches & 14.5mm Glass on Glass on Glass Ground Joints w/ Diffuser Stems & Worked Slide

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  2. FUCKEN NICE PIECE.:smoke: to add to the GC shop.
  3. Looks cool as hell :)
  4. Lookin' good, SJ! :smoke:
  5. Lol $340.00, it could be blown by God himself and I wouldn't take a relabelled HVY for that price XD
  6. $340.00 is a lot of cash to be dropping on a beaker tube with color work of that quality and a sketchy looking ground joint.

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