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Beachside PU Trainwreck

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by themasochist, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Howsit? I am chilling here vaping some of this Trainwreck. Got some nice bag appeal and great smell. Got 1/8 OZ for 30. Enjoy these pics as much as I am enjoying my ankle not hurting. And a big middle finger to the Govt which believes my meds are criminal. Gonna pickup some more of this for sure.

  2. lookin so dank
    where abouts did you pick this up
  3. DAm now thats a hella fine bud..

    Its got an assload of crystals man!!1

    HAPPY TOKIN:smoke:
  4. dank :smoke:

    looks tasty
  5. Thanks guys, I am loving this shit I worked all day and my ankle was the size of a fucking grapefruit, but I could care less right now haha. I am in Beachside Central FL.
  6. I am fucking wrecked on this shit, got a 1/4 oz, this is the kind of strain I dig.
  7. 30 AN EIGHTH!?!??! sorry but that had to be in caps...i def. love the purp trainwreck!!haha wen my buddy n i were tokin it he sat his nice prize 1g nug down that was beautiful n we packed some bowls n he asked where it was..turns out his dog ate it hahaha
  8. This guy owes me a few favors

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