beachin it this weekend

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  1. Well im a huge fan of the beach, its where I belong and there is no place I would rather be than a nice beach. I live in TX and my friends family owns an awesome beach house in port aransas. Its 3 stories the third story being a 'crows nest' which is like a big deck ontop of the roof. We love to go there and its fuckin awesome. Well im picking up 2 grams of some nuggets and we will be spending the weekend there, fishing off the jetties maybe take the boat out and do some deep sea fishing, last time we caught two mid size sharks. His crazy hippy cousin will be there too this guy is fuckin walnuts and does all kinds of drugs. But best of all, I will be at the beach!!! I will let yall know how it went afterwards.
  2. sounds likes its gonna be fun i have a beach house in Charseton SC at Foley Beach i have a 3 story beach house right across the street that is i mean its a 50 foot walk to the beach and man wake up early go out there on the beach and toke its the most relaxing and peaceful thing you can do
  3. Sounds like fun, I love the texas beaches' there really nice. I went down to Corpus Christi and some other island, I forget the name.
  4. 2 grams? get an ounce buddy

    good luck. i wish i had a beach house, haha
  5. I ended up getting an eigth of some beasters for 50 its good stuff. Its only gonna be me and two other guys unless we end up meeting some people down there. An ounce of nug would be way too much, I dont want to waste all that money on bud. I smoke almost everyday, but I would only be looking to buy an ounce if I was selling around, Im a saver because Im gonna be starting my own business sometime soon. Plus I have expenses Im obligated to, I dont have money to waste on getting wasted like that. But this trip is gonna be fun, gonna leave tomorrow around mid day. Was it south padre island you went to? Port aransas is like, 20 minutes away from Corpus Cristi. All the ghettos from corpus come to port a during spring break and it pisses us off.
  6. Man, me and my family go down to Port A. all the time to go fishing. Me and my dad usually stay at the tarpon inn. Port A. is the shit, I love that place. Next time we go I'm gonna try spearfishing for some snapper off the jetties, it it's calm enough.
  7. Damn...i wish i lived right on the beach and could do those early morning wake and bakes right there! I still live pretty close (10 min) but to get up and walk right there would be amazing!!
  8. Ive been spear fishing at port a. the jetties get kinda ruff thuogh Id be kinda scared to go in that area haha. We take the boat out there and haul ass, our friend HATES it when we do that because the chop is so rough the boat can just smack on the water and rock everyone around, we fuck with him a lot haha. But yeah it might still be too cold, i wanted to do some surfing/skim boarding, im trying to get really good at skim boarding. I will be doing some excellent wake and baking the next few days although ill be sleeping in like no other. I will one day have a beach house right on the beach of my own though :p
  9. I've never tried spearfishing in Port A., but last time we were there me and my dad talked to this old hippie lookin' dude that was at about the middle of the jetty you can walk to without taking the ferry. It was a super calm day, literally no swells inside the jetties, no wind, and very light surf on the other side of the jetty. It looked pretty easy and I've spearfished other places so hopefully I'll have fun with it, nothing tastes better than freshly caught snapper, except maybe flounder...maybe.
  10. What a weekend. I am burned as fuck and in PAIN. And I think I got food poisoning at the seafood/italion place. THe weekend went pretty well I met a cool guy (my friends cousin) and he actually comes here to grass city too. We smoked all the bud and my friends cousin that lives at the house we were at has a COCK BONG. This glass bong is shaped like a big cock, has balls and veins and shit. Then we found 3 other bongs in random places, it was fuckin hilarious.But yeah the weather wasnt the best but sunday it was alright, we did some surfing and kayaking and I almost got pulled out into the open ocean when my kayak turned over and I couldnt get it righted. Was kinda scary. We met some girls one was an ugly ho but her friend was pretty cute with some NICE titties. but yeah dude some kids were out there spear fishing at the jetties, I dont know what it is they caught but they had 3 fish. Me and my friend are planning on borrowing a friends kayak and paddling out to the rigs and doing soem fishing and diving out at the clear water, hopefully some time soon. Bring a couple joints with us while were out there haha

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