Beach Party "Busted"

Discussion in 'General' started by litta_j, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. So last night i head down to the bowl with me and two of my buddys and someone who drove ( i knew them but iwould not consider them a close friend) so we head down there at about 10 park the kid parks his car at the park then we head to the beach and walk up the beach for about a half a mile, then over the sand dunes and your at "the bowl" and there was a couple of cool people there so i wait smoke some ganja and im like were the fuck is the booze? but i guess those people were on there way and eventually they showed up at about 11. but the guy who brought it was a prick and said that we had to set the tent up first so we did that and we started finally to drink. so theres about 20 people there and were all drinkin havin a good time by the fire but then some kids leave around 1 and they take the beach way back ( theres two ways to get to the bowl you can either take the back way threw the woods or you can take the front way threw the beach). but they took the beach way home. but about 20 min after they left they call us back and there like yea dude 2 cops and a trainie are combin the beach, get the fuck outta there. so we hed up this huge ass sand dune all fucked up and make it to the top, go down the other side and walk threw the woods for about 15 min and eventually make it to some dudes car, that took that way to get to the bowl. so we pile up 8 people in this car me and one of my buddy was one of them send the other ten back to there cars which is where the cops parked to comb the beach and is a mile down the road, which sucks for them. but i made it back to my house at about 2 30 so i consider my self lucky


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