Beach cruiser?

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  1. I'm thinking about getting a beach cruiser. Anyone have one? I'm contemplating between a beach cruiser and a fixie. I don't like the handle bars on a fixie and I just want something I can ride around in.

    Also, any tips on buying a cruiser?
  2. maybe I can clear some things up for ya ;)

    fixed gear bikes can have whatever handlebars will fit on it, not just the short flat ones I'm guessing your talking about. your beachcruiser could be a fixed gear too, all fixed gear means is that your pedals(and crank) are directly attached to the chain, which is attached to the wheel. So you can't stop pedaling while you are moving.

    Sounds like a beachcruiser would fit you better ;)

    check this one out, not mine but pretty sweet, it's a 70's Raleigh Sports
  3. Oh! Thank you so much. Any tips for myself on looking for a beach cruiser? I.e. brand, type, model etc?

    P.s. I really love the picture of that bike!!
  4. craigslist. at least around here, lots of people sell nice fixies and cruisers on there. they really are two different riding styles, decide if you want a fixie to haul ass around town with all the other cool kids, or you can just cruise around nice and comfy on your cruiser enjoying the scenery.. hope this helps some
  5. Just smoked a tight fat blunt... and I'm thinking chilling while high riding on a nice cruiser with a friend or two. Thanks for the help
  6. get a old school 2 speed kickback Schwinn and be rolling in style! 

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