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  1. I'm beginning to believe that everyone has lost faith in their country. There was once a time when we were the envy of the world, and people came here to stake a claim in a "new" country. A place where if you worked hard, you could reap the rewards of your efforts and make a better life. People wanted, and still want that American dream. The problem now being, no one wants to do right for it. We in our representative democracy have failed as a nation. Everyone is so quick to blame our government, to point the finger, yet no one wants to do something to contribute to the solution. I say contribute.

    Buying American for instance. I'm not saying that buying American is going to be the answer to illegal immigration, tax evasion, corporate bailout, war expenditures, etc; however, it will help in its own way. I find it strange to see Mitsubishi cars everywhere when 67 years ago they were building fighter planes and battleships to kill Americans. That Hitler's Volkswagen autos are the envy for high school teens across the country. Imagine today if Saddam personally endorsed Honda. Would Americans still flock to dealerships to buy them? Seldom do you see clothing: hats, jackets, shoes, socks, pants; that weren't Made In: Pakistan, Indonesia, China, Dominican Republic, Iran, Malaysia, India, Peru, El Salvador, Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam. Look around next time you shop, see where some of your "All-American" companies turn to widen the profit margins.

    Americans should want to do the right thing to show integrity, honor, and morality. After all it is those attributes that forged this country and made it into the world power it is today. The banks have caused big problems for the country by issuing credit to those who are not worthy of such a luxury. When the individual in question is unable (or unwilling) to pay their bills, the debt is eaten by the country. When an injury is exaggerated (or invented) to collect disability the system suffers. Welfare, social security, all government aid that is abused kills the country slowly from within and is seldom seen or questioned by the public. Be responsible, lead by example, do the right thing. We made these problems possible, we can set it straight.

    We should be proud of our country. Patriotism has to be suffering at an all time low. I've seen foreign flags flying by more people who would rather display flags of 3rd world countries than proudly display the one of the country of which they are citizens (or illegal immigrants of.) We need to bring back the pride and unity our country once held in the WWII days. Prosperity from the Roaring 20s. What America needs is some positive advertisement. Fly a flag: on your house, on your car, on you.

    I encourage everyone to do their part. Every little bit helps. Spend your hard earned money on domestic product from a country that works hard for you. Reward yourself for contributing to our economy, and praise those that follow suit. Fly OUR flag, it's colors never run. "Be the change you want to see."
  2. I love the smell of jingoism in the morning.

    Since you spent a lot of time on the 'buy American' thing, I'd just like to point out that buying American would be mean buying quality, affordability, and value. Why would you spend money on buying a domestic car when you can buy an import that gets twice as many miles, is cheaper to fix, and gets better fuel economy?

    All your post was, was a gigantic heap of jingoistic non-sense.
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    Woah, man. Why should I pay more for a good of lesser quality... because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and fake-patriotic inside? That's just illogical. I end up with less money at the end of the week and a more expensive, lower quality good/service than I should have gotten.

    So, are you holding a grudge here or what? "Hitler's Volkswagen autos" are the hot thing among the kids today? How old are you, man?

    The flag stuff is basically creepy to me. I'm not a fan of worshiping symbols. It's all very nationalistic in nature. And telling people what flags to fly and to have pride in their country is very much in contradiction to what the American flag represents in my mind. You are no one to tell others to have pride in anything. It's none of your business which flag a person flies on their propety.

    I'm reminded of a Bill Hicks routine on the flag...

    "Really? Shit, I bought mine from K-Mart. Looky here, it was even made in Korea!"
  5. In America we have fosterd a culture of dependence. Nobody wants to take responsibility for their actions. We are just misguided sheep and the government is here to protect us...

    I agree with your post to an extent, we all must be the change we want to see in the world. As far as debt, people were pretty much tricked into using credit cards so that they can be in perpetual debt to the credit card companies.

    The #1 most patriot thing you can do right now is...


    Americans waste up to 6 hours every day in front of this box that feeds them lies and culture destroying garbage. Less than 3% of us read books. TV is making America fat, stupid, lazy and ignorant.

    My entire generation has been systematically brainwahed to believe that reality TV shows and Hollywood are the most important aspects of their lives. They have made it "uncool" to be independant, read books and think for themselves. Nobody gives a shit about real issues anymore.

    And this is the world we get to grow up in: Imperialistic wars, insane recruiting methods by the military (My friend got paid $2,000 for signing two of his friends up to go to Iraq, I wonder how he will spend it if they end up getting killed?), A national debt that is reaching levels that will surely fuck us royally in our lifetime. But nobody cares, sometimes I think Im going crazy. This is my future, my life that I watch slowly get pissed down the drain.

    And everyone is too distracted to care...

    What happens if the rest of the world decides to nolonger use our currency as the world reserve currency for commodities?

    What happens when we can nolonger service our debt and simply "monetizing" it fails?

    What happens when inflation becomes rampant and our fiat dollar becomes almost worthless?

    What happens when the house of cards finally comes crashing down...

    Things look like they are fine now but much of it is artificial. I for one am not going to wait untill we lose our freedom to make a stand before I try to.

    This ends my rant.
  6. We havent fostered this culture of dependance, it has been created for us. Consumerism means large profits, but it comes at a cost to our producing economy, its been done on purpose, yes we have been de-industrialized and outsourced on purpose, it didn't just happen this way.
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    How the hell does buying from some giant evil outsourced American corporation benefit anybody but the corporation itself?

    Consumers who make purchases with their heads rather than their emotions are actually better for the economy since it puts pressure on companies to keep up with the competition and make better products. A mindless appeal to buying American even if the products suck does the opposite.

    As for holding a grudge against Mitsubishi (which is already flawed since Mitsubishi is just a supplier that did the same thing any supplier would have done in time of war, not a decision making government), you are aware that IBM manufactured the concentration camp tatoo machines for the Nazis and that we had corporate oil interests in Germany which were spared in the bombings, right? Or that the Nazi party was largely financed by Wall Street bankers, so much so that Prescott Bush's Union Banking Corporation was disbanded under "trading with the enemy" legislation after Nazi money was found in their vaults.
  8. you people should ABSOLUTELY have pride in your country, and ESPECIALLY your flag. it should be a law to fly the american flag in front of your house every single day

    it has nothing to do with nationalism, it has to do with your goddamn country giving you more opprotunities than you can ever imagine, and most of you being spoiled fucks

    fuck off
  9. Not sure if your being serious or sarcastic. If your serious, don't presume to tell me what I can imagine, which I'm gonna have to assume is based on your own limited imagination.

    So if I'm not spoiled, can I still rant and not have to fly the flag?

    I might still be a fuck tho. :D
  10. whatever, you guys can nitpick all day about how shitty and terrible your life is from your computer chair surfing the internet

    just be happy you werent brought into this world in some buttfuck country where you dont even have access to drinking water

  11. Uhhh...that Toyota you bought was probably manufactured in the US, and added to our GDP...and Ford has factories outside of the United States...but good try?
  12. Yeah, and there are other developed countries, and even more so somewhere in the middle between the extreme example you gave and the first world. I bet you don't really know anything about these other countries beyond what you've seen and read from 'your computer chair surfing the internet'.:rolleyes:
  13. i dont need to know to be grateful for what i have

    obviously you're an expert on the world
  14.'s still an import car.

    What are you trying to get at? Read the OP. Context is good! :wave:
  15. All governments are shitty, some are just more shitty than others. All hail the USA for kindly giving us the privilege of a comfortable life? I don't think that's how it works.
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    No, it shouldn't be a law to fly the flag in front of your house every day. I celebrate my freedoms in my own way. Requiring people to fly a flag is funny in a way... In a free country you'd have the right to fly whatever flag you choose; if you want to fly a flag at all - to require a the American flag to be flown goes against the very notion of a free country.

    It's none of your business what flag I fly in front of my house, if any. You're no one to tell people what flag to fly on their own property.

    We're spoiled fucks who should fuck off? Insulting people and making broad generalizations like that is no way to have a legitimate, open conversation with people of differing views than your own.
  17. i was exaggerating a bit, but ok
  18. I love post that urge people to bow down to the State and worship it as if it will solve all of our problems. Let me know how your patriotism works out for you. I'm going to go clean my rifle and prepare for the revolution when people finally get tired of this shit.
  19. The Homegrown Radicalization and terroism act of 2007 would probably make you a terroist for saying such a thing. DHS has its own documents that classify you that way. Just letting you know, the real patriots are the ones being demonized as terroists all the while, because when they run out of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers to round up, who's left?
  20. DHS can suck my anarchist cock.

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