Be nice... dickheads!

Discussion in 'General' started by Photosythetic, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. i'm new here, only been a few days and i constantly see people making fun of other people and disrespecting them. it pisses me off, especially when the person being ridiculed is trying to ask a serious question! just had to be said

  2. SHUT UP!!!!

    Haha, im just kidding man. Yeah i agreee, theres no need to be rude. Especially on something like an Internet forum. Cause aint nothing more pathetic than an e-Thug.
  3. fuck off bitch

    actually real problem is that not enough people are stoned and everyone is jonesing

  4. you start off a thread by saying "be nice....dickheads!" and then tell us it pisses you off when you see that shit? cmon man, a bit hypocritical, no?
  5. im high and you sound like a very up tight person man, relax mosr people that get disrespected dont search there question first and had they they would know the answer cause it has been asked a billion times, i'm sure if you searched the word pussy this thread would come up
  6. yea a lot of people do need to lighten up, but doesnt help to throw fuel to the fire man.
  7. I think he was joking with that statement but Im not sure... ;)

    But this site is far too uptight to be a stoner hangout. Chill, light one up and feel the love! :D
  8. only time i come on here is when im blazed and the only thing that bugs me is when people first sign up and ask some random question that has been asked shitloads of times like how much is a eighth?, prices, how to roll, etc.
  9. Haha... the funniest thing about it is that the only topic that's complained about more than noob questions... is people complaining about them.

    Everybody! Stop, Chill, and Listen...

    Smoke weed everyday!

  10. ditto

    the board has had some immaturity problems as of late but its still the city so love it :)
  11. I'm nice for the most part but if I see people spreading stupidity I'll bust balls.

    Its just the way it is.
  12. Most people do.

    Yea man. People being dicks is not tolerated here. We are a HappyForum! :p

    Any time someone spreads bad vibes.. Shit hits the fan for them.
  13. Goddamn you are tellin me...I got 240 bucks lyin around and I donno if I wanna buy a qp of schwag and try to make a profit or just buy a half o with 50 bucks and smoke. I guess since I can't find bud atm its a moot point. BTW that sig has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen.
  14. All Blades just need to chill :( Don't get angry at people that do the wrong thing, just politely point them in the right direction. We're stoners here, not uptight little geeks. Just calm down and be nice :) If you can't manage to do that, roll yourself a nice, fat joint, and then come back and make a comment.
  15. ban anyone who joined in 2006 and most who joined in 2005!!!
  16. I hope that you using the word "dickhead" when approaching everyone here is in jest. Just in case it's not, name-calling in any way isn't allowed here. It's considered disrespectful and disrespect seems to be what your thread is against.

    Everyone should respect each other and if that can't be done then those that can't are chilling in the wrong place.
  17. Perfect. Like she said people... chill..
  18. when i said dickheads it was kinda supposed to be a joke... to prove a point... i guess u didnt get it so im just clarifying
  19. Are you angry because everyone didn't ooh and aww about your 21g joint?

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