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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Dr Jammin, Sep 13, 2003.


Felt like this?

  1. Yes, thats totally what i was thinking!

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  2. No, not really.

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  3. Hell no! what are you talking about!?

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  1. Have you ever felt like this, or something similar to this:

    "if everyone in the entire world would simply understand the world the way i have come to understand it, the world truly would be a peaceful and righteous place"
  2. i have...

    but one must be careful of such thoughts. it can lead you down a path of facism and arogance.
  3. I have always been honest unless I am trying to impresssomeone.
    I guess it is out of the fear of being caught and the bad karma
  4. Not really, but kinda along those lines. If everyone would just have some respect for one another, and try to see the good in others rather than the bad. Then the world would be a more peaceful place.

  5. yeah thats exactly the thoughts i had behind the question.
  6. If everyone in the whole wild world saw the world the way that I see it, we would all starve to death or freeze to death because all I do is watch TV or ratta-tat-tat on the 'puter while stoned all to bejesus.

    We need people who are driven by greed, hate, fear, envy, sloth and paranoia who work their asses off and produce the stuff that I need to live my life of a cave dwelling hermit.

    Just make the stuff that I need to keep on trucking and live your life the way you want. Just be sure to produce those things that I need to feed the beast.

    Be a boring place if everyone thought the same way.
    There would be a real shortage of reefage also.
    If everyone was stoned all day every day, there would be no one around to grow it, harvest it or distribute it.

    Wake up and smell the Indica
  7. ^^^^
    I think if we were all stoned all day we would all see the good things about weed and every one would grow.
    then the ozone will fix up and we would not be so greedy or paranoied.
  8. i do think that if people all thought the way i did then the world would be much more peaceful etc.

    but i'm not about to go tell people that they're wrong and i'm right cos i just don't know for sure.

  9. i hear yeh ...but thats part of whats so agrivating about it all. am i right? am i lost? if someone could atleast guide us we would never bark up the wrong tree for years and have to start from scratch. but everyone else is just as confused lol oh well
  10. if the entire world thought like me id go fucking insane

    either that or we'd live in a utopia?

  11. lol...good point..

    if this is true, does it mean great changes can be made and seen through they way I would see it fit?

  12. i think i could find a 'peacefull' (drunken) spot in the world you create....:D

    aside from that...the world as i see it..... ha....we'd all be going to hell.

    all the world needs to acheive peace is objectiveness.... sometimes not speaking your mind is the best thing.
  13. I was thinking something pretty similar today. I was inserting newspapers together (it's one of my jobs, I'm not crazy) and I saw the 'Sherrif Court' section and thought to myself, if nobody commited crimes (crimes where there are victims), then the world would be such a better place. To make this relevant to the thread I should add that I don't commit crimes (with victims).

  14. hahaaaa

    holy beformented hops I forgot about this thread haha :)

    yeah, so whats wrong with that gravy my good old buddy my friend, my pal? the peaceful druken thing...and not so aside, i mean according to god, we are sinning getting drunk for our own damn good! eh! BUT this would not be true, if everyone saw it as I correct??!!
  15. If everyone naturally had a unified belief on everything, the human race would act as a self working consciousnesses, instead of a distracted and argumentative city of thoughts. 
  16. We are collectively individuals....
    Most feel as one or the other...
    Yet without both we have neither...
    We must feel and think our own way thru this mess...
    Yet do so knowing we are all in this mess together... and do occasionally need to help one another thru a ruff patch... be be helped along ourselves...

    I think it helps to be able to feel when someone needs a hand....
    And when they need a kick in the ass....
  17. Kinda, but I kinda believe that if everyone thought and acted like all parts of me the world would probably fuck up. 
  18. Coupes all on coupes, im just bein honest

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