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Be honest, who has pretended they're high?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kjkjogoug, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Once I put in Half Baked and pretended to be high because I was so high. I would just die laughing at the stupidest shit. Who else has done this? I know it sounds pathetic but a stoners gotta do what a stoners gotta do.
  2. You pretended to be high while you were high?..
  3. you pretended to be high because you were so high.... so you werent pretending to be high.. you were high. what?
  4. somebodys high
  5. I second everyone else... What the fuck?
  6. You mean you exaggerated how high you were for some reason while you were high?

    Why? Did you think some girls would want to have sex with you?
  7. I think he meant he was so high, he no longer was high. So he had to pretend to be high.
  8. I pretend not to be high.
  9. Haha yeah I do this all the time. It's so funny when you're with a group of people and you're all fucking high as shit and fucking around and you just sit there and look at them and go "You guys are stupid as fuck." :cool: and then they think you aren't high. Fucking around with high people is so much fun.
  10. I think he means he was so high that the high made him over exaggerate effects of being high?

  11. Or like saying "Hello Officer"

    With a straight face.
  12. I gotta try that lmfao.
  13. Yeah haha I have a few buddies who don't smoke and are pretty against it, and I was at one of there pads for the night, so I went to the bathroom and used my bho vape. The whole night I was baked, and whenever they brought it up I would tell them they're retarded for thinking I'm high, using the logic "where and when could I have possibly gotten high."
  14. hahahaa gotta love portable vapes.
  15. I pretended I was high in like grade 8 hahaha. I would sit there and giggle even though I actually didn't find anything funny. Then, for the first time, the high actually hit me and I just sat there really confused for like 30 minutes with a big mac in my hand. LOL good times. I sometimes miss high school.
  16. This thread makes me want to smoke more weed.
  17. He pretend to be high while he'd high? It's a high within a high... Inhightion..
  18. No, I had no weed and I was so bored sitting at home so I put on Half Baked and tried to convince myself that I was high. Idk why the fuck I did it but I did
  19. I think I'm high

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