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Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by 20aGram, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. A Woman, After Being Married To Her Husband For Some Time, Has Noticed That His Lack Of Interest In The Bedroom Just Might Be HER Fault. As A Result, She Has Become Increasingly Insecure About The Size Of Her Vagina ..

    Deciding To Get To The Bottom Of This Before Her Husband Got Home From Work .. She Strips Down And Stands In Front Of The Large Mirror Hanging On Her Bedroom Wall ..

    Noticing She Cant Get The Right Angle To Properly "Assess The Situation" .. She Unhinges The Mirror, Puts It On The Floor, And Stands Over It, Legs Spread, In All Vaginal Glory ..

    Suddenly Her Husband Walks In The Room Tired From The Days Work To Find His Wife Standing Completely Naked In The Room .. Caught Off Guard .. She Starts Wildly Flailing Her Arms Around In The Air ...

    "Honey, What Are You Doing .. ?" Her Hubby Asks Lovingly.

    "Oh, Just Some Exercising! You Know, These Love Handles .." She Replies.

    "Naked?" He Rightfully Asks Her.

    About To Reply .. He Interrupts Her, Not Thinking Too Much Of It ..

    "No Matter, Sweetie. Just Be Careful You Dont Fall Through That Huge Hole In The Floor" ..

  2. i quite wonder too.... ?
  3. thats soooooo
  4. lmao
    poor woman
    he just assured her insecurity


    it was still funny as hell tho

  5. iurno .. i dont do it all the time .. usually when im posting up a new thread. Dunno why .. glad u enjoyed the joke tho!


  6. lol what he said :D
  7. ha ha thats fucked up.

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