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be careful with northwest glass art

Discussion in 'General' started by TokinSmokin0420, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. hey every1 wuts up, about 2 weeks ago ( alittle more) i went to northwestglassart.com and ordered the sherbulator and i really wanted it 2 weeks ago so i payed an extra 25 dollars for express shipping. well today i checked my discover and found out that finally they charged me yestrday and they shipped it out and i should be recieving it soon even though i ordered it about 2 weeks ago, and also they do not respond to any of there emails i emailed them at least 10 times and today all i got was a email saying ur order was shipped and that didnt even answer my questions cus i was wondering if i could get my money for shipping bak. oh well at least it should come this week. just letting u guys no, also does anyone here have the sherbulator or have pics of it? thanks keep tokin
  2. You should keep harassing them about getting ur shipping dough back. You shouldn't have to put up with spending 25 dollars on nothing.
  3. Yeah you should get your shipping money back, but perhaps they had a shortage and had to blow another. Never jump to conclusions.
  4. yea thats wut im thinkin it is because i ordered it in green and the stock one is blue, and also they dont sell the pipe anymore on the site for some reason so maybe i got the last one or something, but wutever ill get it this week and post some pics up and if its not wut i expect i will get my shippin money bak, peace keep tokin

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