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be careful georgia

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by 123123, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. "Investigators employed tips, surveillance and information from the power company on electricity usage to find the Coldwater Creek home and the other Georgia grow houses, most of which were said to be operating for about two years."
    So they do watch our power bills...
  2. nah they dont watch your power bills, the main thing when worring about power is if you get greedy you get busted, dont go out and grow 500 plants in 1 house with a shit load of lights, stay small. 1 light is nothing to be worried about, even at 1000 wats. but imagine how many lights it took for almost 700 plants @ 1 plant per 100 wats. thats where the power company becomes a problem.
  3. I would be curious to see how many plants 700 actually was though. Police love to exaggerate their pot busts, it makes them look like they're really accomplishing something. Have fifty cuttings when you only plan on getting 20 plants out of it? That's fifty plants in the police realm. Got fifty seeds with taproots? Fifty more plants.

    And, they claim a street value of four thousand bucks per plant. That's also utterly ridiculous.

    Still, it sounds like they mainly got busted because it was a true operation with multiple houses and they had some fires which tipped the po-po off. There's your real lesson. Don't let your grow burn down your house.
  4. na... if its a full grown plant. you can get a pound off of it. a lb. is worth 3-5 thousand but still fuck the cops... they do lie to look better...
  5. True, but unless you're just cloning, chances are some will be male.
  6. You can get that much from one plant grown indoors? I have been reading to only expect about 2-3 ounces from a plant.. ?
  7. They obviously always present there case as the worst case scenario since there job is to make everything operate in its best case scenario. Ive never gotten more than 3 ounces from a plant indoors but im sure people out there have more expertise than I do.

    Ive heard that you can grow a pound off a plant outdoors. but indoors, hell you'd hvae to wait for that plant to bush outt alot before flowering. than its feasible but i think itd take like 6 or 7 months for one generation.
  8. Yeah but when you grow and the cops bust you they expect the GREATEST quanity yield of that plant(s) to charge you with.

    You're basically fucked.

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