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  1. Sad to report that my grow operation was shut down by local authorities last night under the most unusual circumstances. We lived in a duplex with a neighbor connected to us (he was cool so no worries on him smelling anything as we are daily smokers) and I kept a neatly organized and operated grow area that consisted of a couple tents and some LED lights, exhaust fan, and small fans to circulate the air....well, at 10:30 last night there's some incredibly loud knocking and banging on our front door, woke me up, screaming "get out of the house right now" I knew it was the gut turned and I knew I was busted but wondered how I got caught....then I realized it wasn't the cops, it was my neighbor screaming that the Fucking house was on fire!!!!! So I gathered up all the plants I could gather up to get rid of any marijuana evidence because I knew they would have to clear the house and would find it all when doing the point I'm making is this, no matter how careful u are, no matter how many precautions u take, SHIT HAPPENS.....and I urge all of u to just be aware of things that u would never think to be aware of.....I live in a "not so friendly state" so of course I've been charged with a class D felony, not worried about that though as by definition of my states laws, I'm growing for personal use only so it will end up being a possession charge, which I'm ok with happy growing to everyone, I obviously won't be on here much anymore as I've got no plans to start up again at anytime....I've met a lot of good people on here and wish u all the best
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  2. Wow. That sucks.
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  3. That does suck what caused the fire?

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  4. Going to be hard to be aware of the things I never think of. Good luck with the new home.
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  5. Yea thats what I'm saying....u got to think about worst case scenario, if u have neighbors as close as we did u got to take their actions into consideration....basically what I'm saying is u never know....if u are in a state where it's illegal then u can't be to careful
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  6. Neighbor turned on his AC and he said 20 mins later his room went up in flames ...guessing electrical
  7. Luckily, my cupboard grow has survived Fire Service inspections, landlord inspections.. police visits.. etc.

    If you're gonna grow .. you're better off having multiple microgrows as opposed to one room full of monster plants. Better yet - grow outdoors. :D

    But yeah, not trying to make light of the issue. I hope nobody got hurt. Life is dangerous, but yeah.. we gotta get busy living, or get busy dying.. ... it's all part and parcel.
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  8. I get everyone should be careful but how would being careful have prevented what happened to you? Did the firemen rat you out?
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  9. Kinda curious of this myself I mean obviously you were charged but you must not of gotten all of the plant material out? If so LED's and grow tents are perfectly legal almost everywhere. I'd definitely hide all of my plant materials and smoking paraphernalia in my car... cut all the equipment off tell em I grow peppers indoors half the year and to fuck off o_O

    It does suck though not denying that... hope that shit doesn't happen to me... I was paranoid as hell my first grow as I didn't have a carbon filter properly installed.

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  10. Be careful as in, maybe it's not a great idea to grow when ur connected to neighbors....renters...etc.... just saying if your not in a legal state then possibly think twice...I took all the precautions I could take, and shit out of my control was my downfall....and as far as grabbing everything incriminating out of the house, that's easier said than done when it's on fire lol....
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  11. Yea the fireman ratted me out to the cops, who in return called in the NKY drug strike force haha....all over 10 plants haha
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  12. Fuck that fireman you should have cussed him jive ass out you already lost your house the least the guy could do is not be a faggot and report you. Should have got those plants out of there before anything though, I mean did the house just go up in flames in 2 minutes?
  13. Firemen are required by law to report any and all
    Marijuana grows they come across. He had no choice
    but to report it to the cops. Once they find it, you're toast.
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  14. Gotta watch anything you do in NKY im on probation out of Boone county right now.... motherfuckers....
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  15. Oh didnt know that.....I think I would have died trying to get rid of the evidence lol.
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  16. Bro my dad was a firefighter in Elsemere Ky. For many years and he wouldn't have said shit if he found a grow op... no that firefighter was a dick for sure...
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  17. Wouldn't the cops still needed a search warrant?
  18. No not if the firefighters report it that gives them probable cause..
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  19. Iym so sorry hunny :( Those guys have alotta bigger fish they should be frying instead.
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  20. Probable cause is needed for a warrant. Firefighters seeing the plants and reporting it would give probable cause to get a warrant but they still need a warrant. That's the way I see it anyway.
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