Be affraid, be very affraid if you are...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Digit, Sep 19, 2003.

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  1. ... on the top ten postin blades of all time. so far... only rumjil and sensi been got by the current thread affliction, and i sincerely hope that this contagen is contained at just that, because as it is, its quite pleasant actually. ... but should someone else on the list fall prey.. we could be in trouble... we... when i say \"we\"... i mean .... well.... basically, just not zonedude. ... infact zonedude, if you\'re reading this... thats proabably waiting for isnt it? :D well i\'m gonna shut up before i put ideas in anyones heads.... i just realised... i\'m on that list too... eek! ...
  2. Digit...sweet Digit...what in the hell are you talking about?

    ::: call me confused :::

  3. Your guess is wrong, I\'m guessing...this is Digit...there is more to it than that!
  4. me thinks hes talking about a \"naked zonedude\" thread ,lol.:D

  5. m-hmm. *nodding*

    fuckd if i know what i was on about now too though... but i\'m sure through the vague half a post i started with we might be able to fomulate a better theory than you guys have managed so far.

    *checks back*

    ah, i c.

    uhh, zonedude, nah i was thinkin you\'d be the only appreciative spectator if things got out of hand. but, with backthroughtimesight i\'ll admit i should have included obliviot and bongish... i know how you three like to get together and ~ ... uhh... never mind. anyways, whats that you were saying about blivviana having a nekkid thread? HEY BONGISH! you hear that? quick... go find it! :D lol.


    emm.. wtf was i saying?

    where am i... do i have a point? what am i talking about here?


    total memory collapse from masseeeeve amoumps of gam jars. :D yeah man.


    oh yeah...
    one last thing i remember i was gonna write....

    i was thinkin more like EVERYONE is at threat... forgot to mention that. especially anyone who... ... just be warned.. i wont take no shit faced shit head givin me shit... ... cos i\'ll give it back... cos i got no use for ....... _ _ -- wtf was i saying?

    (and its late)
  6. ????

    dig it my friend, either my weed is really good, or your weed is really good...

    cuz somewhere this is just getting lost on me ??
  7. cool... i think that means i\'m gonna have a helova time reading this again when unpebbled. :D my stuff is crap.. so i just do more of it. :D meh heh.. nah, its not that bad actually... well.. it is... but better than i was expecting. :rolleyes: ramble ramble ramble.
  8. hey confused! get back in here and post something before:

    A: the sun comes up (few minutes)

    B: i go to bed (more minutes probably)

    C: i get stml and forget to return
  9. too late..... sun is coming up.

    i wonder if i\'ll be any less riddlesome in the morning (i mean evening, cos this is the morning, well.. u know what i mean.)

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