Bcseeds.com Over 50% Thc?

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  1. I have never bought from bcseeds so I can't really speak to their worthiness as a top seed bank but I have gone through there site and I couldn't believe some of the outrageously high priced seeds. 
    ie. skywalker bud bc original 10 pack (I've got to assume they are fem, though it doesn't say)
    Infinity Bud
    20 seeds $9,990
    claiming 53% thc
    I don't know. The strongest bud I have smoked was probably about 22-25% (based on genetics data)
    I suppose if someone can really design a strain with 53% thc, they probably deserve to be paid that much for there seeds.
    It seems to me that if someone actually had a strain with over 50% thc, that strain would have been recognized by high times or a couple cannabis cup victories or some kind of independent recognition of their claims.

  2. They lie, just like Doggies Nuts do.
    Stick with the proven and trusted breeders.
  3. 9000 bucks for 20 seeds???
  4. yes those are the most ridiculous seed prices i have ever encountered
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