bcnorthernlights growbox

Discussion in 'General' started by pooker, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. i was in the market of automated growboxes and decided with bcnorthernlights 1st choice and homegrown-hydropnics 2nd. Does anybody own one or the other and could give me some insight before purchasing. Im mainly looking for a box that would allow me perpetual cycles (veg/flower chamber). please dont say just gut out a room because i would like to do this as stealth as possible and without tearing up a room.
  2. i get - rep'd for linking you.
    someone explain to me how this rep system is supposed to be effective?
  3. obviously i did research on these boxes. yes, i did go through Google, and yes i read every word on each company's site. if you read the question you'd see i was asking other peoples PERSONAL opinion no the sales rep writing shit for the website.
  4. its called karma, no need to curse at me kid
  5. probably cheapest to make your own.

    flower on top, veg/mother/clone on bottom

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