BCN Diesel flowering question + PICS

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  1. Hello people,

    So I have 2 plants growing in my closet, one being BCN Diesel. It's day 30 from seed and I've noticed some things on the plants that I'm thinking are the early stages of flowering. What do you think?? I was planning on switching to 12/12 and 2700k in 8 days anyway.

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  2. No body knows what this is?? :smoke:
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    well if u didnt switch to 12/12 yet there is no need to. that is an autoflower. meaning it flowers regardless of light cycle. keep it at 24.

    those ARE signs of flowering. early bud formation

  4. Crap okay. Yea I just looked it up on Attitude's website and see that it is autoflowering. But the dilemma now is that I also have a Master Kush plant in the closet which isn't autoflower. What do I need to do for the light cycle?

  5. move it, or somehow isolate it from the others with an individual light, or you can just keep the Auto on 12/12 along with the Master Kush, it'll flower either way, just when you switch to 12/12 on it, it will kick into full gear, or so i've heard.
  6. switching an autoflower to 12/12 will just decrease yield and give plant less time to grow. although, that seems like a preferrable option if you cant make another grow cab

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