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  1. I just finished germinating and planting 10 AK-47 seeds from bcseeds.com I got 100% germination. They all look very strong. I just made another order from them. I got 10 El Nina, 10 Kush, 10 G13, 10 white widow x Sweet Tooth, and 10 Sweet Diesel. Hopefully I will get them in 5 days like the last bunch. I spent $305 so I got an extra 30 seeds. Hopefully they come labelled and not just a random bunch of seeds.

    This is just a trial run for me, if I get good results from these then I will definitely go back for their higher-end strains like euphoria, elephant, upstate etc

    I just got them in cups today, as soon as there is no chance of cold weather they will be going in the ground. I will post some pics of the seeds and stuff when I get them for your guys' opinions.

    I have heard that bcseeds doesn't have legit strains, but this will be the ultimate test. I will be keeping track of strains, yields, smoke quality etc and see if they relate to their facts on the website.
  2. Picklefart :wave:
    goodluck on the order, :rolleyes: I hope ur stuff comes in ok. I would like to here about somebody that grows some euphoria, elephant , or upstate. :D Been on a legal grow now & would love to have them in my mother room. You going to do a journal on the AK-47? Talk 2 U Later. :smoking: peace out :bongin::bolt:

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