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  1. Hey blades, i just looked over the website of the BC seeds seedbank.
    So, first of all, i have to say i did not know where to post this and if its in the wrong section i hope a mod would be so nice to move it.
    ok, so i watched the BC strains and if all that miracles they write about are true i really want to have some! :smoke:
    So, that leads me to the main question. I saw all those plants with yelds of over 2 kilos, Whole day highs and 50% thc...
    ok, everything fine but... 990$ for 10 seeds? 6900$ for their Annihilation Bud?  200,000$ for this genetically modified "Forever buds"?? even if its genetically modified and it was a decade lasting task to breed those, WHO THE HECK CAN AFFORD THIS???
    So please GC, tell me these are not the prices they are really selling it for! :eek:

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  3. seems like a bunch of bullshit to me
  4. yap i want to know the real prices cuz i really would like to have some of these...
  5. ok yes, after a bit of research in other forums too it seems like they are complete liers. people bought seeds from them for hundreds of dollars and not one germinated...
  6. I was on a date with an Irish girl who smoked weed in Ireland, but didn't smoke in BC because it's so strong here and couldn't handle it.Yeah BC bud is good. Extremely cheap too at around 10 a gram.
  7. Yes, BC bud is good. but thís treat is about the BC Seeds seedbank :laughing:
  8. 50% THC? All day highs??? how the fuck they know my dealer?  :eek:  :hide:
  9. notorious rip off artists, stay away. if it sounds to good to be true ..IT IS !
    looks like they've upped their game though.... you have to give them a full bevy of contact info to see their prices.....
    info, that I'd bet an original release 10 pack of GGG's Grape Stomper BX1 on, they sell to what ever advertiser pays the most for.
    luckily they are nice enough to show us their bonus points received per pack. that way we can get an idea of what the price really is. I'd also bet any pack of TGA ( 95 $ per 10 , 45 per 5 ) will stomp holes in that BC seeds crap.
    look I'm gonna have a mod move this thread to a the seed banks section ( seems you will not mind too much :))

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