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  1. Hi has anyone ever used bc seeds Jedi death star seeds, they seem pretty expensive at $900 ive seen them on the canadian hemp co for $415 but both sites have different pictures showing the plant, the bc seeds having the more crystal.
  2. haven't hear of them but how many seeds are you getting for 900?
  3. 10 it says on the site, if the genetics are right it should be a mind blower 43% thc.
  4. Hey man,

    This is total BS. There is no such thing as 43% strains. And 90 $ a seed? Why isn't every breeder going out of their minds trying to make this happen? Because it is a scam...
    Think of it this way. Bubble hash tests around those levels, and it requires an extrication process to get rid of plant matter.


  5. I don't know anybody who has been stupid enough to try them or believe their hype.

    Get some Mr Nice Black Widow or Medicine Man if you want top quality amazing weed :smoking:
  6. Use the search function please...these scammers have plenty of threads already.

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