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bc seeds oracle bud legit?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by HeavyHands, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. First off im new and im sorry if its been discussed already. But ive been doing some research for my first seed pickup and i came across oracle bud. its really expensive and they say it gives you a 10hr high and the thc content is 40% or something close..... is that legit?
  2. I see lots of post about BC around the city and nobody ever seems to take the risk and order any. I know I wouldn't risk it, they never win anything and how can they claim almost double the THC of some of the top breeders? If it sounds to good to be true... ya know.

    Also Orange bud is a kick ass smoke and taste but its uaually quite low in thc from most breeders, I think Dutch Passion's is the highest at around 16% thc but you would have to check that out. If you want to spend on top strains then go with Mr. Nice or somebody trust worthy like Res.

  3. yea i was thinking it was to good to be true thanks
  4. Whoops only just managed to see that the thread said oracle bud and not orange bud, Im high.

    Either way they wouldn't get my money
  5. No matter how good it is, and I am 110% sure the THC content did not test at 40%. If it did, then they are either a breeder that have found a secret that is unknown to everyone else and you will not be able to recreate the results.

    Go take a look at some TGA Subcool seeds, their genetics are some of the best on the planet.
  6. ok, just visited bc seeds site and saw seeds selling for 2-3 thou for 10 seeds......thats "clue" #1 that these guys are full of it!!!!!!! you can buy a pound of actual bud for that much......they got some splaining to do
  7. Lol. Some of my favorite bits of info:
    Don't waste your money.
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