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  1. whos grown any of their strains?

    some jazz has been stirred up about their newest strains.
    i went to investigate when i read in a different thread, well anyways they claim 40-50 THC levels in their bud and monster ass yeilds.

    and their pages are more like heavy advertisement than quality descriptions.
    one of their strains is supposedly suppose to give you a HARD ON lol

    anyways, anyone growing their bud?
  2. Anyone that touts 40-50% thc content is lieing.

  3. of course. thats why i threw out that its more advertising than anything, 24 is the highest ive seen from legit seeds banks.

    i just want first hand experience with this.
  4. Ironically enough, I think you're gonna be hard pressed to find anyone who will admit to paying their absurd prices and then give a fair and balanced grow/smoke report. My advice would be to trust proven seedbanks and breeders with a solid reputation for quality. From what I can tell, unfortunately, BC Seeds just isn't one of those....
  5. I don't trust those guys at all. How is it that a relatively new seedbank can attain potency levels that master breeders who have been at it for decades can't? I'll tell you how, they lie.
  6. both well spoken

    ill stick with mr nice.

  7. Now that's an excellent decision my friend ;)
  8. I have bought seeds from BCSeeds.com and attitude and Dr. Chronic. The genetics are good. I don't know about 40% 50% THC. But they are on my long list of seeds to get. I would say stay under the $150 10pk. with them try the seeds and make your own decision with them. Your seed will arrive fairly speedily. Well, I live in Cali so it's close to me. They are good at advertising i will say that.
    Keep'em burnin
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    I have ordered from bcseeds.com (if thats the one you all are referencing here) on 9 different occasions and while I didn't pay some of their absurdly high prices they sell some of those seeds for. I got some White Widow, Durban Poison and Blueberry that turned out very nice. The seeds arrived packaged up nice & stealth like, beans were fresh and after my first 4 orders I got a "20pack" of misc seeds that I have in storage for this coming summer's (2010) grow...all 100 of them!. They did good to. My last order with the WW/DP/BB only 2 seeds didn't germ and I had 4 males out of 30 plants which is really good. I've been growing for almost 19 years and they have always done me good along with amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com and of course, attitude. I live in SC and they usually arrive within a week's time. I do agree though that some of their ads are a bit stretched out in left field.

    Peace all,

  10. thank you both, i was looking for first hand experience and ive seem to get what i needed.
    400 bucks did seem nuts for me but 150 i could do especailly with your input.

    thank you DVM and FG :)
  11. Iv'e bought from them many times. Haven't sprung for any of there big priced strains, But i plan to try there elephant outdoors this year. I do agree that there yield and THC % may be a bit exaggerated, but it's the best genetics iv'e come across yet. Plus there located about 2 hours from me. There thumper and chronic both did very well for me. Thumper being my favorite smoke of all time so far. Don't get there purple sativa. It's cheap for a reason. They wont germ.

  12. coool man i wanted to hear some positive feedback as well, how were the yields?
    any pics?
  13. Here's a thumper my friends growing this year. This pic is about 2 months old. I believe it's over 10 feet now.


  14. nice looking plant
    i bet its gonna yield like a beast.
    it should be done huh?

    let me know how the smoke is when you get your hands on it

  15. Haven't talked to him in a while it's probably done or at least close by now.
    Ive smoked it before many times. Lemony and the stone is heavyish and just awesome.
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    I live in Danmark. I smoked all was you can to smoke... in Kobenhavn / Christiania.
    I want just say now: there isn't some secred super strain in the "genetics from the Danish Underground" haha
    :hello: "Upstate" lol
    Danish indoor growers grow BIG BUD simply and outdoor products are dipshit.
    I found there none extra quality ganja.

    On the homepage of Bc Seeds you can see some G13 seeds. (it is prejudge a big crap) and additionally it has lower THC as BC Sweet Tooth (with 31% THC)!!! WHAT???

    The recipe of BC Seeds: write double THC content + double yield + five- six weeks less flowering time and horrible prices.
    Look for bumpkins and the businness will go.
    There are enough idiots on the Planet Earth.
    Is it in your opinion?

    Nub of cannabis growing is entirely else- to my mind:cool:
  17. I ordered the ICE new and the power plant almost 3 weeks ago and have not seen or heard anything! I know it was around the holiday times but hopefully I'll hear something soon!
  18. mate i ordered after you,my order was confirmed 8 days later,i was in shock at how quick they confirmed order,so as for bc seeds so far so good,an yes i ordered some slightly expensive stock,im still nervous yes,but again so far so good.unlike a uk bank that was rated exellent on some site ,no not grass city site either,they were sent a cash order a month back an claim to have not gotten it ,i know it left the country an made it to uk,this was sent express post ,that bank is 420seeds who i recently found out goes by another alias.bc seeds so far get thumbs up from me.il keep all updated.
  19. Hi everyone...

    I agree that bc seeds does write up up their descriptions of their strains to be potentially questionable to considering buyers. But I would like to also say that I have ordered many times from them and I have always received my seeds. I've been saving them all for this summer so I can't say how these seeds perform yet but I can say that I did receive every order. I ordered upstate and elephant outdoors when they had 50% off sales. Best time to get something affordable is just before x mas when everything is discounted massively. That's my best advice in how to counter their high prices.

    Here's to all of us having a successful summer!

  20. A disclaimer found on BC Seeds site:

    Not somebody I'd trust with my money.

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