BC Marijuana Party opens HQ

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    Full-page ads in both Vancouver Sun and Province to promote the
    opening of new location

    By Dana Larsen

    On Thursday, March 22, full-page ads in the Vancouver Sun and
    Province newspapers will announce the Saturday, March 24 grand
    opening of the BC Marijuana Party Bookshop, Headquarters and POT-TV
    Media Centre, at 307 West Hastings. This is the same location as the
    once great Hemp BC Superstore.

    All of the BC Marijuana Party candidates will be in attendance for
    this party convention and media conference, including Party Leader
    Brian Taylor, past Mayor of Grand Forks.

    With over 55 candidates already confirmed, the BC Marijuana Party is
    on track to run a complete slate in the upcoming provincial election.

    The party convention begins at 10am until 1pm.There will be a press
    conference at 1pm for media to meet the candidates and witness the
    historic grand opening of the BC Marijuana Party Headquarters,
    Bookshop and POT-TV Media Centre.

    The new party headquarters will sell marijuana related books, bongs,
    rolling papers, vaporizers, Personal Grow Units, hemp clothing, plus
    BC Marijuana Party t-shirts, stickers, buttons, ashtrays, roach
    clips, Cannabis Culture magazine, and much more.

    The location will also become home to the POT-TV studios, with the
    public able to watch the daily 4:20 Marijuana News and other features
    being filmed and produced in the back of the facility. Store patrons
    are invited to share their views at the VOX POT corner, and see
    themselves speaking to the world on POT-TV.

    BC Marijuana Party Bookshop: 682-1172

    BC Marijuana Party Headquarters: 684-7076 - info@bcmarijuanaparty.ca
    - http://www.bcmarijuanaparty.ca

    POT-TV Internetwork: 682-0039 - info@pot-tv.net - http://www.pot-tv.net

    - - - - -

    * This is part of what will appear in the full-page ad in the March
    22 Sun and Province:


    We are called the BC Marijuana Party because we see marijuana as a
    symbol for the many ways in which our governments fail to serve us,
    and for some of the new solutions to the problems which we currently

    Marijuana prohibition is a symbol for government excess. The Canadian
    and BC governments spend hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars
    each year in their unpopular and futile quest against cannabis. In a
    real democracy the war on pot would have ended long ago.

    Marijuana legalization is a symbol for the environmental solutions
    made possible by cannabis hemp, and for other renewable sources of
    fuel and fibre which need to be explored and developed for our future.

    Marijuana prohibition is a symbol for all medicinal herbs and
    alternative therapies which are being banned and restricted by the
    government. If we allow marijuana to be prohibited, then how can we
    expect easy access to other medicinal herbs?

    Marijuana legalization is a symbol for better policing. BC cops
    should direct their precious resources against real crime, not
    targeting pot use and other private behaviours.

    Marijuana prohibition is a symbol for the entire war on drugs. It is
    the drug war itself which creates crime, prostitution, violence and
    police corruption. Legalizing marijuana is the first step to a sane
    drug policy and a safer, more peaceful society.

    Marijuana legalization is a symbol of prosperity for all British
    Columbians. Marijuana is one of BC's strongest economic engines.
    Legalized marijuana would create many jobs, generate billions in tax
    revenues, and allow BC to cash in on the expanding global market for
    medicinal and industrial cannabis products.

    Marijuana prohibition is a symbol for the undue influence that the US
    has over Canadian laws and policies. BC does not want the US drug
    war, nor do we want their nuclear weapons in our waters. Unless we
    are willing to speak out now, we will be forced to accept both, and

    This election, vote for better laws, better police, more democracy
    and new solutions. Vote BC MARIJUANA PARTY!

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