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BC Mango, Sputnik, White Widow Cross

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jdawg420, May 10, 2010.

  1. My sisters BF just gave me three homegrown strains his brother grew, i was wondering if anyone has ever smoked these strains? All in all its about a gram worth of bud, i dont think its been cured yet or dried really well but im not complaining. They all smell skunky with a hint of sweetness, i can tell that one of them is a strong indica by the rock hard nug and the amber tricomes. I think im going to let them dry another day and give them a week to cure and see the difference in the smell and taste.




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  2. Those look so yummy :smoking:
  3. looks pretty decent. id hit it. :bongin:
  4. Thanks guys, this is my first experience with any dank like this, so for my initiation into the dankity dank i took a bit from each bud and made a 3 hit salad, i just took my second hit and let me tell you, its a euphoric feeling. Tomorrow im gonna sample them individually.
  5. Amber trichomes doesnt mean indica it just indicates the maturity of the bud but that def looks dank and smokeable enjoy man:smoking:

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